Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Along the Apache Trail This Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Beautiful landscape. I need get out to the southwest again!

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Amazing shot, I just love mountains.

    With their majesty, they can always put into perspective, just how insignificant we, as humans, are in the scheme of things.

    The forces of nature will always rule supreme.

  3. Catsynth-- Thanks!

    Yvonne-- I grew up on the prairie. When I first saw real mountains, I felt as though I'd come home.

  4. Heather-- There is tons of gorgeous scenery along the Apache Trail just east of Phoenix. Denis and I love to travel it in spring when the wildflowers cover the slopes of the Superstition Mountains.

    Kathy-- It certainly is!

    Kris-- Yes indeed!

    Dorte-- Sounds as though you wouldn't mind traveling the Apache Trail either!

  5. Beeeeeeee-U-tiful! I miss the colors of the Southwest.

  6. My Phoenix grandmother used to paint the Superstitions and I remember one spring view. Sadly none of her paintings made their way to me. They are hauntingly beautiful mountains, and the legend of the gold mine just adds to the mystery.

  7. Beth-- Yup. That's one of the many reasons why I love the Southwest so much... the fantastic colors.

    Barbara-- One of my screensavers is a photo I took of the Superstitions in the spring. Denis and I have been on several trails through them, and you're right-- they're hauntingly beautiful.


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