Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking Ahead to a Rainy Weekend Link Round-up

Not much to report here this past week. Just reading and healing. According to the weather forecasters, a big storm front is supposed to be moving in for the weekend, complete with possibilities of snow in parts of the Valley. As far as I'm concerned, I'll gladly accept the rain, but the snow can travel elsewhere!

On to the links!

Bookish News & Other Fun Stuff

Social Media & Blogging Tips

Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere

New to My Google Reader

Time for me to curl up with a good book. I hope you found a link or two to be interesting and fun. Don't forget to stop by next week when I'll have a fresh batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. Cathy - Glad you're resting and healing :-). Thanks, as always, for these helpful links!

  2. Great links - and I enjoyed your review of Bolton´s wonderful Sacrifice (saw it the other day but I have the flu & am not up to even trying to say something relevant these days).

  3. I was glad, in a way, to see Catcher in the Rye turn up on the list of books that were awesome at 16 but fall flat later in life, because that's what happened to me and I'm glad to know I'm not alone. lol

    How cool that the Jefferson books were found at Wash-U! (so says a St. Louis native who used to work for Wash-U)

  4. For once I would like to be in Phoenix. We're dealing with several s-words: snow, sleet, slop, sliding on ice, all relieved by a lunch of hot soup.

  5. Cathy- I don't comment as often as I should but must tell you how much I enjoy your weekly links - they provide much food for thought, and lots of entertainment to boot.

    Please get better soon, and in the meantime, enjoy your life of leisure.

  6. Margot-- You're very welcome!

    Dorte-- I'm looking forward to reading the second of Bolton's books.

    Kris-- There seem to be "missing" books, stories and manuscripts turning up all over the place!

    Barbara-- The only one of those I'd go for is the soup, and I can make that here!

    Tina-- Thank you very much!


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