Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. oh my heavens, those are quite creepy looking. ;-)

  2. Scary - they look like snakes with thorns.

  3. They really do look like caterpillars! Great shot.

  4. Very odd cactus plants. What are they called?

  5. Wow, those do look like caterpillars. I wouldn't want to walk near that!

  6. Those are the most unusual cacti I've ever seen!

  7. Ooooh -this looks a little too much like snakes for my comfort zone. It's cool, but creepy!

  8. I've never seen cactus crawling around like that before.

  9. Caite-- They certainly give a horror movie sense of movement, don't they?

    Kaye-- Perhaps that's why critters feel so safe amongst them... they know humans think of snakes and will stay away! LOL

    Diane-- They're one of my favorite plants at the Garden.

    Beth-- Caterpillars? They do! Never thought of that; probably because I'm stuck on what I thought when I first saw them.

    Barbara-- The common name is "octopus cactus" and I always hear Ringo singing "In an octopus's garden" when I see them. :)

    Kathy-- They aren't the type of cactus that reacts to body heat, so as long as you don't fall in, you'd be okay.

    Dorte-- Another good description!

    Dawn-- Cacti are so much fun. I ought to post a bunch of photos of them I've taken at the Garden.

    SuziQ-- I think "octopus" when I see them, and I think octopi are a bit creepy.

    Leslie-- I hadn't either. Now I think of them as buddies. LOL


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