Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Childhood Game Are You?

You Are Hopscotch

You are easygoing and carefree. You like to play, but you don't really like to compete.

You prefer to cooperate with others. You like to work with people ... not against them!

You have a childlike innocence and optimism that is worth holding on to.

You find happiness easily. You can get pleasure from the smallest things.

[In this kinder, gentler incarnation of myself, I don't like to compete.]


  1. Apparently this is me!! Not sure whether to laugh or cry, sure makes me boring, which is about right!!

    You Are Rock-Paper-Scissors

    You are very smart and mentally inclined person. You like games that test your brainpower.
    You are good at noticing patterns and making predictions. You can size other people up well.

    It may not seem like there's a lot to what you do, but you have a strategy for everything.
    You tend to think through every decision you make carefully, but you're also sure not to over think anything.


  2. I'm hopscotch too, which I love since I played many a game of hopscotch as a kid. We would try to get to school early to reserve the best hopscotch court.

  3. I'm also Rock-Paper-Scissors - whoopee it says I'm smart! And maybe boring as fiction-books says. Anyway, it's fun. :-)

  4. I am hopscotch too. Not sure if this is me though lol.

  5. I'm hopscotch too but I don't think it really applies.

  6. Yvonne-- It doesn't sound boring to me!

    Hopscotch and rock-paper-scissors? an interesting combination this week!

  7. How funny, I'm rock paper scissors too. I'm not sure it describes me in real life, but I'll go with it since it says I'm smart. :)

  8. Kris-- Sounds like a plan! :-D


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