Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Becky of One Literature Nut!

If you'd like to drool over recent photos taken in Hawaii while you're shivering in your snow-covered homes, head right on over to Becky's blog, One Literature Nut.

This Utah high school English teacher and book blogger extraordinaire spends part of her time in Hawaii, and those photos of hers certainly add zest to what is already a fun blog filled with an eclectic mix of books, films, television and chat.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Becky's blog yet, please take the time to head on over to One Literature Nut-- and don't forget to say hello. (I won't be at all surprised if you find yourself subscribing!)

Before Becky shows all of us her blogging space, don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

Let me be up front in saying that I love technology. Combining my love of reading and books with the web is such a great opportunity!  However, I'm most often spending my time with things for work.  I'm a full-time English teacher, teaching World Literature, Popular Fiction, and AP Literature.  I also teach online classes for the state of Idaho.  Both are really great jobs, but really keep me busy.  Besides my work, I have spent the past three years in Hawaii, where my mother lives.  I can't take a picture there (sorry), but traveling back and forth between Utah and Hawaii made it necessary to have a good laptop.

Last year I bought my new townhome.  This was my first time buying a home, and although it may seem crazy, it was really exciting to finally have a home office. It's not much, but as you can see, I have a small work area in this upstairs room.  If I could take a panoramic pictures, you'd see that my office is filled with bookcases and books.  What makes an area more homey than shelves of books?

To be quite honest, this is my primary work space.  I often park  myself here on the couch to grade papers, to work online, to blog a little, and to watch some television.

I have my mom's cat, and he tends to like it when I work down here as well, since he can cuddle up beside me and take a nap.

That has to be the most laid back cat I've ever seen, Becky! I can also hear the rumble of purrs when his tummy is scratched.

With the proliferation of laptops, I think many people choose to be somewhere comfy where they feel closer to the people they care about and more plugged in to what's going on in their homes. When Scene of the Blog began, there were more photos of home offices and desks, but now the tide seems to have turned to comfy chairs and couches. Whatever works best is my motto!

Thanks so much for this glimpse into your creative spaces, Becky. We really appreciate it!

Who's going to be featured next Wednesday? Mark your calendars to stop by and find out!


  1. my, that is one big furry belly!

    and such a neat booking place. there is nothing crazy with a place filled with bookcases and books.

  2. I have chatted with Becky from time to time about being high school English teachers.....I pictured her office, complete with bookshelves, to be very similar to the photo above.
    I LOVE it!!

  3. I love the simplicity and organization of her desk space too but agree that I would probably choose the couch and the cat for reading. That's the type of cat I would like, cuddly and furry.

  4. Caite--LOL. Yes, I think that picture of my cat looks like a feather duster, with his head peeking out the top. He likes it much better when he can be perched like that than when I work upstairs and he has to stay on the floor. :)

    Molly--Thanks! I'm glad you pictured it that way. I spend a lot of time there, so it's good to have books at hand right away when I need them. Besides, they're so cheery, don't you think?

    RuralView--I'm happy you couldn't see the clutter that accumulates in my desk area. LOL. It's actually so small that I often have to dump things on the floor until I can get them filed! However, the couch really is a much better space to settle into, as long as I can keep the cat in his area and not on top of mine! :)

    Thanks Cathy for this great post & opportunity to pop in!

  5. Your couch looks very comfy! You have a very nice house and a cute kitteh. :)

  6. Perfect - lots of space (Becky, how do you keep your work area so neat?!), lots of books, and a very furry friend.

  7. Oh my goodness that cat! Makes me want to snuggle up right next to him. Love Becky's blog and really wish I could blog from Hawaii part of the year! And such a neat, tidy blogging space.

  8. That cat is so adorable! And bookcases are certainly the best decorations in a room :)

  9. Your couch (and cat) look so comfy!


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