Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Paint Color Test

Your Vision is Personal

More than anything else, you'd like to understand yourself better and find your purpose.

It's minds like yours that have produced the most insightful novels and mind blowing movies.

You have always been deep and philosophical. You find it difficult to take anything lightly.

You feel most alive at the quietest moments. There's something thrilling about being alone with your thoughts.


  1. Choosing my favorite color got me this:

    Your Vision is Peaceful
    More than anything else, you'd like to see the world in total harmony.
    It's minds like yours that have gotten people to set their differences aside and live together in peace.

    You have always been compassionate and caring. You could never turn your back on those in need.
    You feel most alive when you are bringing others together. That's what life is all about for you.

  2. We're the 2 P's: Personal and Peaceful!

  3. I'm slow on catching up with blogs after the holidays, but I just did this one and have to admit that I got peaceful too. I'm not sure it's correct though, I seem to cause turmoil. lol

  4. Kris-- Yes, but do you remain calm while creating turmoil around you??

  5. Cathy - good question..and yes I do. lol!

  6. Kris-- Then peaceful works for me. :)


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