Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Flower Test

You Are Real

No matter what, you are always yourself. You don't know how to be anyone else.

You are honest, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. You embrace your faults.

You expect everyone else to be as transparent as you are, but you're not always so lucky.

You're in search of the good people in this world, and as you find them, you make friends for life.


  1. You Are Rebellious
    You make seem sweet at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving.
    You are a total rebel who likes to do things your own way. You're really quite subversive.

    You can get what you want through charm and grace. When people are around you, they don't know what hit them.
    You tend to have a pretty big agenda, but you hold your cards close to your chest.

    This is very funny - and I must admit it's sort of true.

  2. Not quite sure this is me, but:

    You are elegant:

    You are mysterious, classy, and a creature like no one has seen before.
    You carry yourself with dignity and grace. You know how to fake it until you make it!

    You enchant and inspire everyone around you. You are careful to cultivate a certain image.
    You believe in keeping certain sides of yourself private. You prefer to say too little than too much.

  3. Lots of variety so far for this one.

    You Are Bright
    You are optimistic about your life and the world around you. You feel supercharged.
    You usually have enough energy to get through the day... with plenty to spare.

    People wonder how you can be so alive, but you feel like there is no alternative.
    Life excites, delights, and surprises you every day. You have so much to get out of bed for.

  4. I am Rebellious like Rural View and I love it!

  5. Like Kris said-- lots of variety in the answers. I love it! :)


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