Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Trish of Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity!

This week's featured blog has a title that usually tends to describe my life (in a very good way). I had Trish's Reading Nook in my Google Reader for a long time. Now... I have over 600 blogs in my reader, so it took me a while to realize that I hadn't read any new posts from Trish in a long time. That made me find my deerstalker cap and start figuring out what was going on.

Come to find out that Trish had changed blogs, changed blog titles-- and I'd missed the post telling me about it all. I'm glad I'm back on the program because I do enjoy reading her posts. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out Trish's Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity. Not only are you going to find book reviews and the like, you'll also get tastes of Trish's travels, her cooking, and her quilts and other crafts. Stop by and say hello-- you'll be glad you did!

Now's the time when Trish gets to share her blogging space with us. Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size!

In the past year I've not only had a change of blog homes (formerly was blogging at Trish's Reading Nook--now am at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity), but my husband and I have also moved to a new house.  Bloggers who followed me at Trish's Reading Nook probably remember the cramped space I had in a spare bedroom with two desks, two bookshelves, and books stacked all around me.  Now my blogging space has moved to the living room of the new house.  The ceilings are tall and the room is quite open.  Admittedly I still haven't completely settled into the new space and I had to do much cleaning and organizing.  Good thing you can't see the mess behind me and at my feet!  Yes, there are three screens on the desk--after the move my husband and I combined separate offices onto this one desk.  He is usually in the kitchen on his laptop, so I'm trying to convince him to give me the double screens to optimize my computer time. (I do pay the bills after all!)

Constant blogging companions of mine are Maggie the cat and Lexi the dog.  Maggie can usually be found lounging by my mouse or with her head rested on the number key section of my keyboard.  Where Maggie is, Lexi is sure to be close.  Usually she is under the desk by my feet, but I was able to coax her out for a picture (see above for Lexi our chocolate lab).

When we moved to the new house I talked my husband into purchasing matching bookshelves.  The three along the wall are mine and as you can see I'm running out of space and had to resort to double stacking in some instances.  I'm slowly weeding out the shelves, but it is a painful process--as I'm sure you can imagine!  There is another shelf on the other wall (behind me when taking picture) that houses my husband's books.  Mostly textbooks from college that he refuses to get rid of.  I have my eye on his bookshelf, but I'm trying to be fair.  One day I will conquer!!  

In terms of actual reading space in the house, I'll read anywhere that's quiet.  My husband isn't a reader, so I usually do what reading I can during the day--in the mornings before work and sometimes at lunch--but on the weekends I can usually steal a few moments to lounge on the couch with a book.  Eventually I'd like to get a chaise for the living room to complete the "library" but we still have some organizing of "stuff" we need to do first.  This picture was taking during the 24-hour readathon last year--not sure why I'm bunched up at the end of the couch--guess it was the only comfortable spot at the time!  Just like when I'm blogging, when I read Maggie is usually right by my side and Lexi is right there as well.

Thanks Cathy for having me on Scene of the Blog!  It was fun to go through old pictures and take some new ones of the new space.  

You're welcome, Trish!

Maybe I'm being silly, but I hope my husband doesn't take a close look at Trish's first photo. If he sees it, he's going to want three monitors when we both already have two huge ones on each of our desks. (I have to admit that that third monitor looks good to me-- but forget I said that!)

I have a row of seven identical bookcases lining my living room wall, so I really felt at home seeing Trish's. Maggie and Lexi always needing to be close at hand brings back fond memories of my own pets. If you get the idea that I feel at home in her space, you'd be right!

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Trish. It's always interesting to see where we all read and blog, and we certainly appreciate your hospitality!

Which book blogger will be sharing with us next Wednesday? Stop by to find out!


  1. What a great space! I love those bookshelves and the three monitors. My desk won't hold two, let alone three, in its current state of mess, er um, works in progress.

    Love that you have constant companions.

  2. Cathy--thanks so much for having me today! And good thing I took the pictures when I did because now my "space" is overrun with Halloween decorations...!

    Beth--unfortunately only one of the monitors is mine, but I'm working on it! :)

  3. I love her space and I know that Maggie and Lexi are essential members of her blogging team.

  4. How fun to see the blogger behind the blog at work! A nice big desk, three monitors, all your books in the same place, right next to you...and adorable animal companions. Sounds like a nice spot :-)

  5. Great matching bookshelves! :-) I'm sure you'll conquer whatever's left in the house at some point. At our house we share the shelves, but I regularly invade and conquer as much closet space as I can!

    Great feature!

  6. Is that the infamous slanket I spy on the couch?? The one you'll be cheering in on Saturday?

  7. Fun Trish!

    We used to have two monitors on our desktop and it was the best thing ever. I miss them.

  8. I used to have two monitors till one fried. I really do miss it; I would have my email open on one screen and my blog on the other. Great blogging space (and blogging assistants!).

  9. My husband would totally go for two monitors but we just don't have the space. Loved seeing where Trish blogs!

  10. Bermuda--yes, Maggie and Lexi are familiar sights, huh? :) Constant companions for sure!

    Erin--the new space is nice and big--better than the cramped space before!

    Joanna--Haha! Battle over the closets, huh? Hey--when space is limited...!

    Softdrink--That's actually Scott's Texas Tech blanket I made. But I will be sporting the snuggie on Saturday--possibly in a vlog? ;)

    Natasha--Aren't two monitors great? Just have to convince hubby to let me have one of his so *I* can use them!

    Jenn--Oh, it's amazing the productivity increase with two monitors! Have them at work and couldn't live without them. Need to figure out the home ones before Saturday's readathon!

    Anna--Hope one day you can work out the two monitors--although I admit sometimes I wish I just had a labtop so I wasn't glued to the desk!

  11. It looks so cozy! And LOVE the 3 monitors! Definitely a great idea to keep on the back burner! :--)

  12. Trish's space looks very comfortable! I love it! And look at all the books! And a cuddly cat! Swoons :)

    Also, I LOVE your comment about the deerstalking cap Cathy, heh ;)

  13. It looks wonderful! You know, I want a chase for my library too...but I don't see that happening soon since I don't even have bookshelves. haha!

    Love that the animals are always right by your side too. How cute!

  14. I wish I could come over and peruse Trish's bookshelves. Maggie looks like a complete sweetheart.

  15. Three monitors! Wow! Just don't let my husband see the pic, LOL. Love reading about Trish's reading & blogging space! I find it so cute that Maggie and Lexi are always by her side; I'd love to have pets like them!! :)

  16. Actually very jealous of those three screens! I've got two on my desk at work and I'm really lobbying to get another one at home. For some reason my husband just doesn't think we should pay for a second screen just to make blogging easier! Holy moley you've got a lot of books! Although you probably don't also have them hidden under the bed, stacked next to the nightstand and on the dining room buffet.

  17. Amy-- Glad you liked the deerstalker comment. It just really irked me that I'd lost a favorite and didn't know why!

  18. Must note--I *wish* those three monitors were mine! Only one is hooked up to my computer--something I'm desparately trying to remedy! ;)

    *Rhapsody - All that's missing is a giant oversized couch! :)

    *Amy - Is there a book lover who doesn't also love cats? For some reason they're the perfect combo!

    *Kris - I had mismatched bookshelves for years--even used boxes in a pinch--Target has some decently priced and solid bookshelves!

    *Reviewsbylola - LOL--pop by and take a look. I always love looking at other people's shelves as well!

    *Melody - LOL--I don't think a minute goes by without Lexi or Maggie around--they'll definitely make their appearances on Saturday's readathon!

    *Lisa - Hey--somtimes you just gotta stash the books wherever you can find room, right?? :)

    *Cathy--again, thanks for having me!

  19. Love the space and the bookshelves. Someday I will have similar ones :) Thank you Trish for sharing it with us.

  20. Wow I love your blogging space with the big desk and so many bookshelves! So organized!

  21. Hey! I recognize . . . that dog . . . that cat . . . those books . . . that reader! It's the Glee-Gal! :)

    It's nice to see your new space, Trish. New book shelves are always an exciting new addition to the family. Congrats on the new house, too.

  22. Love Trish's new spot online and in the real world :)

  23. *Violet - I'm sure you're so excited about the new place and all the goodies coming with it! ;)

    *Amused - Looks organized, huh? LOL--usually the area is not so clean!

    *Joy - Thanks Joy--no surprises for you here with the cat, dog, reader. But the shelves are new and great!

    *Stacybuckeye - Thanks Stacy! :)


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