Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- Relatively Quiet on the Southwestern Front

My favorite weekly meme is on tour. For the entire month of November you'll be able to find Mailbox Monday on Knitting and Sundries. If taking a look at the books other people discovered in their mailboxes intrigues you, and if you'd like to participate, this just might be the meme for you. Thanks for hosting, Julie!

It's been a relatively quiet week here at Casa Kittling, which-- after the recent weeks of book buying-- is a very good thing.

I sent 5 books to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes and received 3. Here's the scoop on the three books that I found in my mailbox:

  1. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley (LibraryThing Early Reviewer program). "Ptolemy Grey is a 91-year-old man, suffering from dementia and living as a recluse in his Los Angeles apartment. With one foot in the past and the other in the grave, Ptolemy begins to open up when Robyn Small, a 17-year-old family friend, appears and helps clean up his apartment and straighten out his life. A reinvigorated Ptolemy volunteers for an experimental medical program that will restore his mind, but at hazardous cost: he won't live to see 92. With the clock ticking, Ptolemy uses his rejuvenated mental abilities to delve into the mystery of the recent drive-by shooting death of his great-nephew, Reggie, and to render justice the only way he knows how, goaded and guided by the memory of his murdered childhood mentor, Coydog McCann."  This book will be released on November 11. I've already read it, and all I can say is that Ptolemy Grey is a wonderful character!
  2. A Cotswold Ordeal by Rebecca Tope (PBS). "Thea Osborne embarks on her second housesitting assignment with very few worries, after her first disastrous venture during which she became entangled in a murder case. But the Phillips are obviously a laid back family, and there is little to do but tend an ailing pony and feed various furry pets and farmyard birds. However, it seems Thea is jinxed as an apparent suicide takes place in one of the barns."
  3. Dear Hearts and Gentle People by Ruth Park (PBS). "Dear Hearts and Gentle People is a playful pastorale set in a New Zealand country town in the late 1920s, where folk, full of simplicities and ironies, had an unspoken resolution to remain European in outlook, despite the besieging ferny hills, wild flax swamps, and the twilit forest of a Maori sorcerer."

Now the fun part: going to see what everyone else received in their mailboxes!


  1. I like the sound of both Ptolomy Grey and the Cotswolds book. Will have to keep an eye out for them.

  2. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey seems as though it would be an awesome book! Can't wait to see your review!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  3. Cathy - Interesting set of books! I'm eager to hear what you think of the new Cotswold book.

  4. Curiosity will kill me... going to look up The last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

    Enjoy the reads :)

    Here's my loot over at Aisle B

  5. Those are interesting. I found Knitting and Sundries through you, so thank you.

    My IMM

  6. These are all new to me. I hope you enjoy them all. Happy reading!

  7. These are all new to me and The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey sounds good! Enjoy!

  8. A Costwals Ordeal sounds like a fun book. Happy reading! My Mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  9. You always have new to me and interesting titles. Enjoy them all!

  10. Mystica-- Ptolemy Grey is a very good book!

    Julie-- It will be up on November 11. :)

    Margot-- I'm interested in that as well!

    Mary-- So do I!

    Aisle B-- I don't think curiosity kills anyone really! ;)

    Marce-- You're very welcome!

    Jennifer-- The same to you!

    Elysium-- It is very good!

    Alayne-- I'm looking forward to reading that as well.

    Beth-- Thanks!

  11. Ooooo, I LOVE YOUR MAILBOX MONDAY PIC!! So cute!

    Great mailbox today too, btw!


  12. My TBR pile actually decreased last week too! My sister is reading the Walter Mosley book right now and loving it.

  13. Haven't heard of these, but they sound interesting. Happy reading!

  14. Kathy-- It's a good feeling to have more going out than in once in a while, isn't it?

    Anna-- You, too!


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