Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Poppy Test

You Are Calm

You are quiet, contemplative, and thoughtful. You step back and observe the world.

You are a very literate person. It's likely that you read off and on throughout the day.

You sometimes find it hard to be expressive when you're put on the spot. You tend to be caught up in your own head.

While you have well thought out ideas, you may seem a bit ambiguous if you aren't given time to sort them out.


  1. Cathy - Interesting... hmm.. Mine turned out to be Practical. Suits me, I guess....

  2. I got:

    You Are Considerate
    You are a truly loving person, and you do your best to love as many people as you can.
    Some may call you a social butterfly, but it goes much deeper than that for you.

    You tend to be a big influence on other people, but you don't try to be.
    You just open your heart, and as a result, people are very receptive to what you have to say.

  3. Margot-- But "practical" always sounds so dull, doesn't it?

    Kathy-- That seems to suit you right down to the ground!

  4. I got considerate as well..although I'm not really sure it fits.

  5. Kris-- You may just need to get an objective opinion! :)

  6. It says I am considerate - why head almost swelled when I read this and I was trying to think of how many people I could send it to lol.


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