Monday, July 05, 2010

BBAW: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

One or two of you may be wondering why I'm waiting until the last second to post my registration for 2010's Book Blogger Appreciation Awards. After all, I did win one of the awards last year for my weekly feature, Scene of the Blog, and I was nominated in other categories. Winning that award and being nominated for the others was so thrilling! Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009 will always be one of the highlights of my blogging "career". Always. However....

(You knew there was a "but" in there somewhere, didn't you?)

More than once I've stated that I'm not blogging for awards. Last year I did not nominate myself in any of the categories, and I didn't vote for myself. I almost didn't send in the requested information after I was nominated, and if I'd been true to my principles, I would not have.

This year, I'm backing my words with my actions. I will not be registering for any awards in the upcoming 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I'll be a cheerleader, I'll participate in those great daily themes, I'll be adding new-to-me bloggers to my Google Reader, and I'll be thrilled for all the nominees and the winners. However, as I've said before: receiving an award is a thrill, but that's just not why I blog.


  1. Cathy - Thanks for this post. Your blog is so wonderful that it richly deserves lots of awards, but that's part of why it's so great. You don't blog for the glory of it. I don't either, so I know exactly what you mean.

  2. You know this announcement made me inordinately pleased with the world. Not that I think you shouldn't be showered with awards (of course you should, for your weekly links posts alone which are my favourites because I always find something interesting) but because it's so damned rare these days to see someone standing by their convictions, especially when it could 'hurt' them in some way like taking them out of the running for an award. So as far as I'm concerned you've won the integrity award but rest assured there's no badge to display and you've already fulfilled all the requirements.

  3. I would have to agree - I think the thing about nominating oneself seems contrary to the spirit or purpose or some other word I can't come up with, of the awards.

  4. Good for you, Cathy. Your many fans are reward enough; we love reading your blog.

  5. I love BBAW because I like to take that time to appreciate all the bloggers out there who have changed my reading world! I have to plan some sort of fun giveaway or something to go live that week :)

  6. Good for you. I'm in total agreement with what you said as well as the other comments here. I read your blog because I love how you say things and the subjects you talk about.

    Blogging is a wonderful hobby and should not be lowered to the level of a competition. I love their idea of celebrating book blogging, but disagree with the award aspect. I'm glad you said it out loud.

  7. While I respect your opinion, choices and post I want to share my thoughts.

    I'm not blogging for an award either and I felt weird nominating my own site but I felt your post made me sound like because I nominated myself, I AM blogging for awards.

    I'm sure that's not what you meant. Although I'm not blogging for awards, I would like to be well-known. My reviews don't do any good if only a few people read them.

  8. I am so pleased for you. I find it all quite stressful, so never participate anyway.

  9. This was well said, and I like your reasons. I registered, but didn't post anything to win an award. I have nothing against those who did, but I chose not to.

    I'll be seeing you around during BBAW!

  10. The great thing about the bookblogosphere is that there is room for all of us, whatever way we view our blogs. I love posts like yours that accept and celebrate our differences!

  11. Margot-- Thanks for understanding. It's something that I felt I had to do for myself. I tend to be very competitive. I want to win, but I don't always like where that train of thought takes me. The best thing for me is to enjoy all that BBAW has to offer without any sort of competition.

    Bernadette-- Thanks so much for the kind words. I do appreciate them (especially what you said about the weekly links post)!

    Kathy-- So very many of the book bloggers I know are award worthy-- like you! :)

    Rhapsody-- After reading about some of the horrendous problems they had last year, I can truly understand why they decided to do it this way in 2010. That's not really why I made my decision.

    Barbara-- Thank you. That's really why I blog: for myself and for my readers. If people only read my blog because they see I've won awards, I think they've missed the whole point... which is a passion for reading and books.

    Sheila-- I knew you'd have some fun way to celebrate! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with!

    Margot-- I disagree with the award aspect *for me*. I'm fine with it for everyone else! :)

    Callista-- I also respect your opinion, and I originally had an additional paragraph at the end that stated that this was a "me, myself and I" post and did not reflect how I felt about all the bloggers who did nominate themselves for awards.

    I decided not to run with that paragraph because the predominant pronouns in the post were first person, and I do mention in the body of the post that "I'll be thrilled for all the nominees and the winners." If I were being a snob in an I'm-too-good-for-an-award ivory tower, I'd be sneering, not thrilled and cheering.

    Awards aren't for everyone, but I love BBAW for celebrating book bloggers and books. I'm looking forward to congratulating each and every winner of an award because I know they are so well deserved!

    Vivienne-- Thanks.

    Becky-- I'll be there because it's a wonderful celebration!

  12. Susan-- Yes, there is room for us all. How tasteless life would be with only one spice!

  13. You deserves all the awards in the world but I appreciate and respect your reasons for not nominating yourself.

  14. We can be cheerleaders together! I chose not to nominate myself for any awards either....I think the self-nomination changes this year were a good gives those of us who don't really want awards a chance to cheer on everyone else. Win-win situation as I see it.

    Should I bring the pom-poms or shall you? :)

  15. Awww -- sorry you are not nominating yourself for a category but I'm so glad you're joining in the fun. I love BBAW week -- such a great way to discover new bloggers.

  16. Cathy, what a great post. I applaud your resolve. I'm not necessarily blogging for awards, but it is fun to get them from time to time. I'm not worried though if I don't win.

    I cannot wait to participate again.

  17. I think the title says it all--book blogger appreciation week. We can appreciate each other with and without awards, I hope. Anyway, I always appreciate you!

  18. Ryan-- Thank you.

    Michele-- You're flying the plane... let me play with the pom-poms!!!

    Beth-- That's the best part of BBAW to me: discovering new bloggers!

    Serena-- I'll be cheering for you!

    Jeanne-- Thank you. The feeling is mutual!


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