Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are You Earth, Fire or Air?

You Are Air

You are a quirky, flighty, and zany person. You change with the wind.

You are highly creative and often inspired. You love to be spontaneous and hate restrictions.

You have a yearning for travel and adventure. You want to have a wild and crazy life.

You actually feel a bit more balanced when there is structure and stability in your life, but you avoid it.


  1. I love these things. Look forward to them every week. This time I'm air like you. Can't say it's the most accurate one so far, but at least it's better than airhead.

  2. Whew! Margaret, you've just saved us from being a bunch of hot air! LOL

  3. Looks like I'm the only fire.

    You Are Fire
    You are passionate, sassy, and downright fiery. You are a total go-getter.
    You go at everything full force. At work, you are serious and intense. At play, you are the life of the party.

    You are the brightest bulb in the room. People find you inspiring, and you always know how to lead.
    You are a super star, but sometimes you burn too brightly. Cool off a little. Find some balance before you burn out.

  4. Kris-- Oh, good! All this hot air was worrying me! ;)

  5. I am air too but again not everything said applies to me - maybe I'm just a contrary so-and-so lol.


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