Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. oh lovely picture! Cute!

    Here is my Wordless Wednesday :)

    Hope you can pop by and say hello!


  2. That almost looks like a painting!

  3. It looks as though the bird has posed for you - lovely!

  4. Oh what a great shot! It's like he's telling you this is what a real bird looks like!

  5. As of yesterday morning we have a pair of kestrels nesting in a tree at the edge of our back yard. I'm thrilled. Your little bird looks proud as punch to have his picture taken; so cute.

  6. Ma.links-- Thank you!

    Sassy-- I'll have to come and take a look!

    Kathy-- Why, thank you!

    Margaret-- I think the bird was just thrilled that there was water in the birdbath!

    And Miles To Go-- Thank you!

    SuziQ-- That would be a perfect caption. Thanks!

    Barbara-- Kestrels? How wonderful!

    Beth-- Thank you!


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