Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Margaret of BooksPlease!

This week it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a blogger whom I became acquainted with through LibraryThing just as I was starting to think of beginning a blog of my own.

Margaret of BooksPlease has a very understated blog design which lets all that content show to advantage. She is an eclectic reader who makes wonderful use of her library system as well as her local bookshops. I enjoy her thoughtful book reviews, and I also enjoy her photographic posts that show me different locations in England.

If you've never visited BooksPlease, please take the opportunity to do so-- and don't forget to say hello!

Let's see where Margaret does all her blogging, shall we? Don't forget that you can click on each photo to view it full size.

I'm an untidy worker and admit to neatening up my desk for the photos. Whatever space I have gets filled up with books, so I always have piles of books on both sides as I type. I've tried having a clear desk, but somehow it doesn't feel right without things around me.

The desk is in the 'library' (well there are bookcases along one wall) cum office - my husband has the other half of the desk. I usually spend time on the computer early morning, reading blogs, email and other websites before breakfast. Sometimes I write blog posts then, but more often I write them at night.

The desk is in front of the window looking out on to the back garden and the field beyond. One of my teddy bears sits on the windowsill at the moment and some of the others are on the bookcase behind me. There's also a photo of Lucy (our cat) on the desk, amongst other bits and pieces that seem to migrate here.

I love how the small photo of Lucy the Cat isn't all that far away from Margaret's wireless mouse, and I see the teddy bear on the windowsill, but is there a story behind that little red car that's up there, too?

I love the teddy bears that give Margaret's space such a comfortable, happy feel, and after giving myself a crick in the neck looking at those shelves of books, I'm happy to say that I recognize many of the titles.

Most of all, I'm in love with the view. Is that a stream running through your garden, Margaret? (If you can't see some of the objects I'm talking about, click on the photos. I swear I don't have x-ray vision!)

Thank you so much for this glimpse into your creative space, Margaret. We certainly appreciate it!

Who will be featured next Wednesday on Scene of the Blog? Stop by to find out. See you then!


  1. It's so nice to see Margaret here. I've read her blog for a really long time too. Probably since the beginning of my blogging. I think I found it through Nan's blog, Letters From a Hill Farm. That was over 3 years ago. Loved seeing your blogging space, Margaret! And you know that I love your blog! Glad you shared.

    And, Cathy, thanks for highlighting one of my favorite blogging friends. This is a lovely feature.

  2. What a lovely space! I love that she has a window she can look out of while she's blogging.

  3. Cathy, thanks for featuring my blog! The little red car was my son's when he was a child. We kept it as it reminds us of a red Renault we used to own - it's not actually a Renault - it's a Rover 3500!

    And yes, there is a stream running through the garden. You can just see the bridge through the right hand side of the window.

    Kay, thanks for your kind comments - I'm glad you've gone back to writing your blog - one of my favourites.

    Bermudaonion, I love the view and it's great for watching the birds as they land on the decking rail - they don't seem to sense I'm behind the window!

  4. It's a very lovely space! I don't know why I have my computer in the corner facing the wall like it's a punishment; when I see your arrangement I feel like rearranging my own "blog scene!"

  5. I love Margaret's blog so it is nice to see where she creates it! And also love the teddy bears (I have a small collection myself, and they are darling :)) Thanks for this is great to visit the homes of some of my favorite bloggers!

  6. I enjoy Margaret's blog too. I've read many of her book recommendations. I'm also grateful for the various recipes she shares. One particular favorite is her Asparagus Soup. Mmm, so good.

    Now I can see where she comes up with all her lovely words. Thanks Margaret for letting us come into your space.

  7. Ahh, a fellow teddy bear collector. I'm off to take a peek at Margaret's blog.

  8. How very nice to see your place Margot. And I have that Peter Robinson book on top of your pile as well. Felt almost like home seeing it ;-)

  9. That's an absolutely beautiful view out that giant window! I've been a follower of your blog for a while now, and I never realized you had such lovely scenery to look out at while blogging. :-)

  10. Kay-- I'm glad you enjoy Scene of the Blog. I'm so glad that Margaret said yes!

    Margaret-- Now that you've told me that is, indeed, a stream, it's a good thing that's not my view out the window. I'd never get anything done for either looking out at it or going out to walk along it!

    Rhapsody-- Get your desk out of the corner; you're not being punished!

    Wendy-- I'm glad you're enjoying Scene of the Blog!

    Margot-- Thank you for bringing up the recipes. One of the things I meant to mention about her blog was the food!

    Barbara-- I think you'll be subscribing to Margaret's blog once you've taken a look!

  11. I am glad Margaret admitted she tidied up--I always feel ashamed about how cluttered my desk is!

  12. Lola-- Whether we admit it or not, I think most of us have tidied up a bit for this feature. Sometimes the truth is just plain embarrassing!

  13. I love that view! And really, tidying up is always necessary around here.

  14. What a great spot! Teddy and a view--how lovely.

  15. Is there anyone who won't admit to tidying up before the Scene of the Blog paparazzi came by?!?

    I wonder if I'd be distracted by that view inviting, especially this time of the year.

  16. Another new blog to check out!

    What a gorgeous view, and I just love the teddy bears! Looks like a cozy blogging space.

  17. love the very neat bookcase with the very tidy bears.


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