Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Animal Print Are You?

You Are a Zebra Print

You are a very unique and special person, and you like to surround yourself with similarly unique people.

It's hard for you to compromise with other people. You do things your own way, and you can be a bit stubborn at times.

You are intelligent and perceptive. You have a very interesting take on the world, and you tend to see things a bit differently.

You are always growing, changing, and learning. You question limits and always challenge yourself to do more.


  1. I think the part about standing out in a room..but keeping to myself is funny. lol! Overall..I find it odd, once again, that this is pretty much on the mark.

    You Are a Tiger Print

    You are glamourous and confident. You stand out in a room, and you tend to keep to yourself.
    You are highly independent and even a little mysterious. People know right away that you're very powerful.

    You are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. You are good at staking out what you want and then pouncing to get it.
    You crave adventure and challenges. Your life is constantly changing, and that's exactly how you like it.

  2. Kris--That's what makes these quizzes so interesting: how often they can be "on the mark". :)

  3. You Are a Giraffe Print
    You are a graceful and classy person. You are flexible enough to fit in with any crowd.
    You are very down to earth and responsible. You always see what's coming, and you are prepared for it.

    You may not look like the strongest creature in the world, but you are secretly incredibly tough.
    You have an amazing survival instinct, and your endurance is unmatched. People should never test you!

    Cathy, this one is uncanny. They have me pegged to a tee.

  4. Barbara-- I wonder how they do this with a few questions?

  5. I'm a Zebra as well Cathy. (I know we had a lot in common):

  6. I'm the same as Rural View (giraffe) -- pretty accurate (or what other people say anyway), except I don't always see what's coming but do try to be prepared. Maybe I need to stick my neck out more :)

  7. A couple of zebras, a couple of giraffes... and a tiger. Yikes!


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