Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- Dominated by P's

Mailbox Monday is my favorite meme. Hosted by Marcia on her blog, The Printed Page, following this weekly post has been known to lead to mail carriers with bulging discs and the purchase of floor jacks to hold up those towering stacks of books.

Now that you've been properly warned, I hope you'll join with us whether it's just to take a look at the books others are receiving or if it's to share your own booty with the rest of us.

All you have to do is click on that redhead to the left to be taken right to the heart of the action. Thanks, Marcia!

This past week, I sent 5 books to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes and received 4 books. The four I received were all mailed to me from places with P's in their names. Here's the scoop:

  1. The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee (PBS). "Buzbee is a book lover. When he describes walking into a bookstore, feasting his eyes on the walls lined with stock, gravitating to the tables stacked with new issues and then discovering some volume so irresistibly beautiful he just has to buy it, you realize that he just doesn't love books, he's besotted. Buzbee tells the story of his lifelong obsession, from his elementary school Weekly Reader orders to his first jobs clerking in bookstores and his short career as a publisher's rep. Woven into these personal essays is a tangential discourse on the history of bookmaking and bookselling, from the ancient Romans and Chinese to the modern era. He describes the scriptoriums in Roman bookshops where the wealthy could order a book copied, the stacks of unbound quires a customer would have chosen from in a 15th-century bookshop (proto-paperbacks) and everything one would want to know about the modern business of bookselling, from ISBNs to remainders."
  2. Buried Strangers by Leighton Gage (The Poisoned Pen). I enjoyed the first book in this series so much that I just had to grab the second! "In the jungle on the outskirts of São Paulo, Mario Silva and his team find hundreds of unknown corpses, often buried in family groups, and they learn that many would-be travelers to North America who used a local tourist agency have never reached their destinations. The motive for these murders is completely contemporary and completely appalling."
  3. Gunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Investigation by Adrian Hyland (The Poisoned Pen). I enjoyed the first book about Emily (Moonlight Downs) so much that I was thrilled to see that the second one was available! "Crisp, colorful prose distinguishes the outstanding second Emily Tempest investigation set in the Australian Outback from Ned Kelly Award–winner Hyland. Tempest, a half-Aboriginal, half-white police officer, clashes with her superior in the official inquiry into the murder of prospector Albert Ozolins. She doesn't think eccentric John Vincent Petherbridge (aka Wireless) struck Ozolins a fatal blow to the throat with a geological hammer, despite Wireless's admitting he argued with the victim about Xeno's Paradox shortly beforehand. Instead, Emily suspects that the scientist's research into the snowball Earth theory, the hypothesis that the earth's surface may once have been entirely frozen over, may have given someone a motive to kill. Hyland doesn't spare his independent heroine some rough knocks. Readers who like their mysteries in exotic locales will hope this series has a long run."
  4. Quilt As Desired: A Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery by Arlene Sachitano (PBS). "Harriet Truman returns to Foggy Point thinking she’s just going to see to her aunt Beth’s customers while the lady takes a European cruise. Instead, she discovers she now owns both business and house, whether she wanted to or not. Still, she’s stuck until Aunt Beth comes home, and she does enjoy being a part of creating beautiful quilts. But then Avanell Jalbert, her aunt’s best friend, is murdered on the same night someone breaks into Harriet’s studio and trashes the place. Something is coming unravelled in Foggy Point, and Harriet is caught in the tangle. The question is, can she figure out what’s going on before she ends up dead herself."
That was my haul last week. Hopefully some of these books interest you as well. Now comes the fun part: checking out everyone else's books! See you next Monday!


  1. It's just a wee bit annoying that you over there can buy Gunshot Road before we over here, It's being released in July here and I shall be getting mine straight away.

  2. I think The Yellow-lighted Bookshop sounds good. Enjoy them all!

  3. The Yellow Lighted Bookshop looks like a fun read. Hope you enjoy all of your books!

  4. Look like you got some interesting books. Happy Reading!!

  5. Definitely like the looks of The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop! Sounds fascinating! Thanks for visiting The Crowded Leaf.

  6. I really enjoyed the Yellow Lighted Bookshop. I am anxious to hear your thoughts.

  7. The Yellow-Lighted bookshop sounds great! Enjoy your new books :0

  8. I like the sound of Quilt as Desired, probably because I love needlework and would like to see it incorporated into a good mystery.

  9. Nice little collection you got! Happy reading!

  10. Enjoy your new books. I hope you have a great week.

  11. Bernadette-- That's just plain nuts!

    Mary-- I will. The trouble will be which one to choose to read first! LOL

    DC-- I hope I do, too!

    detweilermom-- Same to you. Thanks for stopping by!

    Alayne-- Looks as though Buzbee's book is the winner this week. :)

    Molly-- Thanks for the thumbs up!

    Wendy-- Thanks!

    Barbara-- Quilting has always fascinated me.

    Snowbell-- Thanks!

    Jennifer-- You have a wonderful week, too!


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