Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Debbie of Wrighty's Reads!

I keep looking at the calendar and not believing it. How can it be May already? From the weather reports I've been seeing, I think several of you wish that it would start acting as though it were May!

I'd like to welcome the first guest book blogger of May to Scene of the Blog. I've long admired Debbie of Wrighty's Reads for her enthusiasm and caring. The work she does to share her love of books and to promote them is wonderful.

If you haven't visited Wrighty's Reads, I hope you take this opportunity to do so-- and don't forget to say hi to Debbie! Let's see where she blogs, shall we?

I started blogging by accident. I participated in online book clubs and met people who were already blogging. I created an account to comment on other people's blogs and learn about reviewing books. Since I didn't know what I was doing, I accidentally started the set up to create my own. It looked like fun and since I've always loved to read I decided to give it a try. Obviously, it's MUCH harder than it looks but since I had my pal Kaye from Pudgy Penguin Perusals also launching a new career in blogging, we stuck it out together and have kept it up for 1 1/2 years. I have found the blogging community to be some of the kindest, smartest, funniest, and most supportive people I've ever met!

I have a few work spaces in my house and they are both in my family room, my favorite place! My hubby, three kids and I are the third generation to own this house. My parents built this room themselves including the huge fireplace made from field stone and a bar and bookcases made from boards from our old barn.

Our family computer is in front of a window and I still use it for some things but I can't sit in the chair for long.

I can lounge on the comfy couch (usually with one of our two dogs warming my feet) and even use the handy little table he got me too! Unfortunately my laptop was broken last winter so my son was kind enough to let me use his (hence the NY Yankees sticker) until I got my own again last week (that awesome hubby again). I have my own bookshelves in the corner with all of my goodies I've won or that need to be reviewed.

I also pile way too much on the end table and the coffee table that are both within reach. I really need to clean those off. Of course now that the warmer weather is here I'll be spending most of my reading time in my hammock. At least that's the plan!

Here is a photo of my girls who keep my feet warm at night!

I love the fact that Debbie's family has lived in this house for generations and built her favorite room. That fireplace looks perfect for the winter and the couch cozy and comfortable. Family photos, wood paneling, shelves, books... the entire space looks just right for reading and blogging. And is it me, or do Debbie's two "girls" look all tuckered out after a long afternoon of blogging?

Thanks so much for sharing your creative spaces with us, Debbie. We really appreciate the glimpse into your house and your life!

Stop by next Wednesday to discover whom our next featured book blogger will be. See you then!


  1. That is such a clever table for the laptop :)

  2. I have been a reader of Debbie's blog for quite awhile now so its really nice to see where she actually works from.

    The room looks so cozy and warm. It must be cozy in the winter with the fireplace going.

    Thanks Cathy for doing this and thanks Debbie for sharing your spot with us.

  3. I think the girls need a longer couch, but this room looks like my kind of place - cozy and clean with lots of stuff nearby and two great dogs. I love seeing other bloggers' spaces.

  4. I love the awesome fireplace and comfy couch. I would love to blog in front of the fire on a cold winter's night.

    What beautiful dogs too.

    Thanks for sharing your space with to check out your blog!!!

  5. I love Debbie's cozy space and that they are the third generation to live in the many people can say that!

    Wonderful. I was a bit put off with the NY sticker on the laptop since I love the Red Sox!

    My dog is always sitting with me as well, so I know that feeling. Thanks for sharing your the blog!

  6. Go Sox! LOL

    Debbie's space is nice and cozy. Wish I had some dogs to warm my feet while I'm reading.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  7. Thanks so much Cathy for this honor!! I was so thrilled to be asked and so sorry it took me this long to get things together. I love your blog and have always enjoyed this feature. It's a great way to learn about the people we visit and to meet new friends! You do a wonderful job here!

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I do have a beautiful comfy space to "work" in. We also have 50 acres of land so it's very peaceful here.

    Blodeuedd - I love my little table for my laptop! It was another thoughtful gift from my hubby. He got it at a local drugstore and it has adjustable heights. I use it every day!

    Cindy - This is a wonderful cozy space and I love it here. I'm always happy to hear from you and to visit you as well!

    Rural View - Don't worry about my girls not having enough space. They take over all of the furniture and beds in the house! :) In this photo they were squeezed in together but usually they are sprawled out with a whole couch to themselves. Very spoiled!!

    Kara - We love having fires lit in the cold weather. It transforms the room and the mood on a winter night. I am happy that spring is finally here though!

    Serena - Our home means even more to us because it has been in the family so long. My boys also don't get away with as much because I already know all of the tricks from growing up here myself! :) My son is a big Yankee fan (can you forgive me?) and I was using his laptop at the time. He has a photo of a truck for his wallpaper too. It was so kind of him to let me use it but it's nice to get back to my own girlie flowers and stuff on my laptop!

    Anna - I'd be happy to share my girls anytime. They are very snugglie and great blogging companions!

  8. Thank you for showcasing Wrighty's Reads. Visited her blog and have become a follower. Am always looking for new blogs with a similar reading genre. Again thanks.

  9. I love the fact that their the 3rd generation in the house too - that is totally awesome! I love the photo of her foot warmers!

  10. What a wonderful reading spot you have! My couch is not the least bit comfortable and the light is terrible to read by. I do most of my reading in the bedroom. And a hammock! I would kill for one....I'd even settle for a front porch with a rocking chair. It was lovely learning more about you!

  11. Animals are a great addition to any blogging area!

  12. Well, the dogs stole my heart, and the NY Yankees logo attracted my attention right off the bat. I knew there were numerous reasons why I liked her blog so much :)

  13. Wonderful interview....and agreed on the two girls tuckered out there! LOL. This sounds like a wonderful feature....will have to come back to check it out again! Thanks for sharing!

  14. The house looks so cozy!! Great interview!

  15. What wonderful memories that home holds - 3 generations staying in the same town seems a rarity these days, nevermind living in the same house over the years.

    The fieldstone fireplace is beautiful. As is, of course, that barn-board bookcase full of books!

    Thanks for sharing your space with us, Debbie.

  16. Mash1195 - Thank you for visiting and becoming a follower! I had the pleasure of of visiting your blog as well and am also a new follower. This has been a great way to meet new people!

    bermudaonion - 3rd generation and going strong! I hope we can keep this home in our family for many years to come.

    Missy B. - We've had so many uncomfortable couches over the years - ugh! This was the first set of furniture that we bought new and I knew exactly what I wanted. This is the most comfortable couch ever! I love my hammock and spend many hours there and yes, I am lucky enough to have cozy rocking chairs on my porches too!

    Callista - I do love my animals!

    Molly - Thanks so much! Yankees and dogs are a good combination aren't they?

    GMR - This is a wonderful feature and Cathy does a great job!

    Aths - Thank you! This was so much fun!

    Dawn - I have a lot of family that still lives here in our small town, even my great-grandparents are from here. I hope my kids decide to stay close by too. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments!

  17. Love seeing your space, Debbie! Can I come over and read with you and the girls? :)


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