Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm on the verge of finishing up an excellent historical mystery, Shadow of the Lords, so let's take a look at the links I found this week!

Bookish News & Other Delights
  • The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards wants to be a... librarian?
  • Authors talk about the writers who inspired them.
  • Here's a real Duh Moment: a group's figured out that having a home library is the key to academic success. Whoda thunk it?
  • Authors put down other authors all the time. Want to see their best lines? Part One. Part Two.
  • Removing a sign costs a bookstore revenue.
  • Someone with a good idea: bookmarks that include their own notepads.
Do Some Good!
Blogging Tips
Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere
New to My Google Reader

I have to admit that at least two of these blogs were discovered while reading Jackie's post and the subsequent comments:
There you have it-- this week's assortment of links. Did any of them pique your interest?

Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll have a brand-new batch for your surfing pleasure!


  1. I love the Books for Soldiers website! Thank you so much for spotlighting it as I will be definitely sending them books now!

  2. I like those bookmarks! Nice list of links (as usual) -- I'm off read about piracy and why it's my fault.

  3. OMG --- I was rather intrigued by Keith Richards wanting to be a librarian, so I clicked on the link. Not only was I surprised at his love of literature, I was shocked to learn that he lives in Weston,CT - my hometown for nearly 20 years!

    The book marks are a great idea.

  4. Thanks for linking to me. I always enjoy your links!

  5. Some interesting links as always.

    I am still amazed at what some bloggers expect authors to put up with.

    And with regard to British vs American blogs I think I read more British blogs (perhaps because we hear more about their books in Denmark), but I love the American blogs I follow, and I have never seen them as self-promoting in any way. It is true though that Englishmen and Americans express some things differently, and Americans often say things more directly. Nothing wrong with that, however, as long as you know where you are.

  6. Thanks for mentioning my FTC post in your round up. I've gotten a lot of great responses so far!

  7. Psst...just letting you know I spotlighted your blog with an award -- stop on by. (queen bee)

  8. Hi Cathy, a few months ago I donated to the website Books for Soldiers because as much as I want to send them books directly, I wasn't eligible to do so. Thanks for highlighting the site, though. :D

    I love your round up!

  9. I loved the article about having a home library. Thanks for sharing that one! Now when the husband grumbles about me buying more books to put in my library, I have ammunition.

  10. I left your blog a couple hours ago to read the discussion at Farm Lane Books. Whew! That was a hot one. Thanks for all the links.

  11. i'm happy to have you as a new follower. i've added you to my reader as well!

  12. Lilly-- Fantastic!!!

    Beth-- Have you purchased your eyepatch yet?

    Molly-- I really like the sound of those bookmarks, too.

    Lenore-- I'm glad... thanks!

    Dorte-- Most of the blogs I read are American, Canadian, British and Australian. I think my reading is limited to language rather than location because few bloggers are as capable as you and Louise!

    Kim-- Wonderful!

    Kim-- Thank you, you Sweet Thang, you!

    Alice-- Thank you!

    Kris-- Oooh! I always love providing book ammo!

    Margot JR-- You're welcome. The discussion at FLB did get out of hand, but there were still some very interesting and valid points made.

    TLR-- Thank you!


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