Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kim, You're the Bee's Knees!

I'd like to thank Kim of Queen Bee for bestowing upon me the Honest Scrap award. Those who've been to Casa Kittling often enough know my rather ambivalent attitude toward awards... and that I seldom follow the rules.

The rules state that I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers. I think I'll follow the first rule and pass on the second!

Let me put on my thinking cap for a few moments. At times like these, I never know what in the Sam Hill to tell y'all!

--When I was learning to talk, I couldn't pronounce my L's, which made the adults around me smile whenever I wanted to see 'assie, my favorite television program.
--It also caused problems when I tried to sing. According to me, my favorite song to sing to everyone was The Purple Peter Eater. I actually remember a time or two when I got miffed when all the adults started laughing. It took a few years before I caught the humor.
--I didn't own a car until I was 40.
--I have a phobia about wringer wash machines because of my great aunt Lois.
--I was once thrown out of a Walmart because of my attire. You see, I went in straight after work. When they saw me wearing Target's khaki and red (complete with spiffy name badge), they were convinced that I was doing a comp shop and not looking for lazy susans. It's the first and last time I've been frog-marched out of a store, and to this day I categorically refuse to give any of the Walton clan a penny of my hard-earned money. (Not that I carry a grudge....)
--When I was a senior in high school, I lost eleven pounds during the 24 hours of Homecoming. (All sweat, unfortunately!) That was also the day I marched two miles in a parade with a rock stuck to my sock right underneath the ball of my right foot.
--I had a 14-year-old black toy poodle that saved me from a rapist one night.
--I once had two Wire-Haired Fox Terriers who took turns pulling each other around the pool on their very own boogie board.
--I'll take jeans over sequins any day.
--I own ten pairs of shoes which include 2 pairs of flip-flops and 2 pairs of "cowboy" boots.

Mostly a trip down Memory Lane, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!


  1. Cathy - Thanks so much for sharing these fun things about yourself : ). I love your attitude about jeans, by the way : )

  2. Being a crime fiction fan I am of course imagining your great aunt Lois using the washing machine to dispose of a nasty neighbour or something equally sinister to induce your phobia.

  3. Wow, your life has been much more interesting than mine! I don't shop at Wal-Mart either, even though they've never kicked me out.

  4. Ha :) You think this answered my WalMart question, but only created others...the car, the sweat, the poodle. I guess I'll just have to look at your archives for the answers. Thanks for being a good sport.

    I agree with the jeans and shoes. Can a person wear jeans forever -- or is there a cut off age? Do you ever see grannies wearing them--and still look normal?

    P.S. I LOVED AZ -- it would be my retirement spot.

  5. Those are interesting titbits of information about yourself! I'm a big fan of jeans. Can't live without 'em.

  6. Love the picture in my head of the wire-haired terriers in the pool. You didn't own a car until you were 40?!? On the morning of my
    16th birthday I was first in line to take my driver's license test, and I had my first car at 18. I was really anxious.

  7. Congratulations on your awards, and thank you for sharing bits of your adventurous life :D

  8. Congrats on the award! I love learning little things about people. The dogs sound adorable but man there must have been a lot of hair in that pool. lol! My dog doesn't get in the pool (not because I don't want her to, but because she doesn't like water) and as much as I tell the in-laws I don't want their dog in my pool, they insist on putting their dog in my pool. I clean up dog hair for days afterwords. yuck.

    Funny regarding the shoes. Would it make you feel better if I admitted to owning more than 10? although no cowboy boots.

    I agree on the jeans 'em, especially when I can find a pair that actually fit good!

  9. Fun!!! I used to have cowboy boots when I lived in Prescott -- long gone now.

  10. Margot K-- I couldn't live without books or jeans!

    Bernadette-- Nah. Ever heard of the expression "getting your tit caught in a wringer"? That happened to Aunt Lois, and I'm as buxom as she! LOL

    Kathy-- I think they need to be taken down a notch or two, but I don't have the smarts to do it. :(

    Kim-- I don't think you'll find the answers you seek in the archives. I don't blather all that much about myself. As for jeans, I've seen women in their 80s in 'em and they looked perfectly normal to me!

    Alice-- Neither can I!

    Barbara-- I grew up without a car, and since I grew up in a very small town, I know that sounds strange, but I've always been strange! LOL

    Dorte-- Life can definitely be entertaining!

    Kris-- Actually, no. Since all the dogs I've had while living in Arizona are indoor dogs, I've insisted on dogs that don't shed (or don't shed very much). Poodles and Wire-Haired Fox Terriers fit the bill nicely. That's a good thing because all of them were in the pool daily. I never had a furry filter problem, thank heavens!

    Beth-- Cowboy boots just don't sound like normal footwear in PA. ;)


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