Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Ann of Booklorn!

This week, we're heading up to Canada where Ann of Booklorn is letting us take a look at her blogging space. You haven't ever been to her blog? Please take the time to visit, and don't forget to say hi!

I first met Ann on LibraryThing, and I would say that she has to have one of the fastest loading blogs ever. Why? The design is very simple and crisp, and there are very few graphics and absolutely no widgets to slow down the load time.

It may be a minimalist look, but it's full of content, including posts on how to avoid breaking the spines of books, and how to remove that pesky price tag glue. There are lots of good things to read on Booklorn, which is why I hope you'll pay Ann a visit!

Now's the time for me to step aside and let Ann show us her blogging space. Don't forget: if you want to see the photo larger, just click on it. Take it away, Ann!

My blogging space (also my work-from-home space) has a nice dungeon-like quality with no windows to distract me or let me know what time of day it is. This wasn't so much planned as it was the last room in the house that wasn't already being used for something.

The big round blue thing is my chair at the moment. Others might call it a yoga ball, I call it the I-can't-fall-asleep-because-I'll-hurt-myself chair. I won't go into how I came up with that name.

Most of the books on the bookshelf you can see are reference books for writing, editing, and web site making because I freelance as a writer/editor/web site maker. The second row is all about fiction writing because I also write fiction (I never, ever, review in the genre that I write because I think that's bad karma). And no, I'm not published. Believe me if I get something together that doesn't suck and manage to interest a publisher in it, my blog readers will be the third to know (significant other and mother who suggested I write a "dirty raunchy book" come first and second).

If you really have a good eye you'll see an empty jar of Nutella hanging about. What can I say, Nutella is my kryptonite. Or, you know, chocolate in general. I may have mentioned once or twice on my blog that I like Winnie-the-Pooh. If I'm having a bad writing/working day, he sits on my bookshelf (I was trying to write a 3000 word essay the day this picture was taken).

And no, my space isn't always this messy. Most days it's worse.

I have to admit that if I used a "chair" like that, I'd be in traction in the hospital. Denis got one of them once, and I played around with it one day while he was at work. It was better than a mechanical bull at throwing me across the room!

I wonder if I didn't have a window that was a source of distraction and daydreams if I'd get more done? Something tells me that I don't want to give it a try. On the whole, Ann's creative space feels homey and makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too. What stands out about her space to you?

Thank you so much for allowing us this glimpse into your home, Ann. We really appreciate it!

Who'll be featured next week on Scene of the Blog? Stop by to see for yourself!


  1. I love the simple design of Ann's blog. Her writing space is great, too! My brother-in-law has one of those balls and I'm with you - I'd hurt myself if I had to use it for very long!

  2. I'm glad to be introduced to Ann's site. Very nice. I'll be stopping by often.

    OK, the ball is very interesting. I actually have one of those, as does my husband. We sit on them sometimes to watch TV. I know, weird right? It's amazing how much it works your core though. I've been toying with the idea of taking mine upstairs (where my computer lives) and using it instead of my office chair. Ann, you've inspired me to try it. We'll see what happens! :-)

  3. What could be bad about a workspace that includes a jar of Nutella?

    My husband also sometimes sits on the ball to watch television. But mostly we forget we have it, like our other exercise devices over the years!

  4. What a neat blog! I like that.

    And I wonder ... if I had a ´chair´ like that for work and for my blogging round, perhaps I could save some time for writing fiction?

  5. I have many funny stories involving myself and a yoga ball, enough so that I wouldn't attempt to use it for a chair. haha!

    Great space Ann - it looks like you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

  6. Here's a new blog for me to visit. I like her space. I actually prefer a small, intimate space to write and think. No distractions works for me.

  7. Anyone new to Booklorn, take a tip from me and be sure to also visit around December - the countdown has goodies!

  8. i like her desk--is it attached to a set of shelves?!?! bonus!

    the chair would have to go--i need somewhere to park myself without posing a threat to my bottom!

    --nat @book, line, and sinker

  9. Thanks for featuring my desk.

    I've actually temporarily moved the iMac upstairs with my PC because I needed some sunshine (later in the summer it will be too hot and I'll have no choice but to be in the dungeon again).

    I left the yoga ball downstairs though because there's no wall right behind me in the living room like there is downstairs. Bad aim when I sit down has harsher repercussions upstairs.

    @Natalie Yes, the desk is attached to the shelves (it's an Ikea bookcase that they just started making a desk attachment for).

    @Dorte H Strangely enough, the yoga ball doesn't make me any more disciplined when it comes to writing (just forces me to stay awake!).

    @rhapsodyinbooks Nothing wrong with Nutella ... other than the calories. ;)

    @The Book Chook Glad you liked the Advent calendar in December. :)

  10. I have an exercise ball, but my kids always steal it to play with it. So even if I did want to use it to sit on it wouldn't work out. :)

    I love that your mom told you to write a dirty raunchy book - so funny!

  11. I used to have a coworker who brought her yoga ball to the office to use as a chair because she said it kept her awake.

    That glass looks familiar, but I can't quite make out the character on it.

  12. @Alyce She wants to read the book too. Keeps bugging me about it. ;)

    @Serena The design on the glass is an orange. Unless there's another glass in the picture that I missed, which is possible since I have a habit of "collecting" glasses at my desk.

  13. I would think that the ball would keep you more alert, too. Maybe it makes up for not having a window; sometimes a storm blowing in gives me that feeling that I'd better hurry and meet a deadline before the power goes out...

  14. That's so cool that you use the ball for a chair. I'd break the ball. I'm past the weight limit of most of them. I love your name for it too! If I had a ball chair, everytime I got up my kids would be rolling it away!

  15. I use a ball sometimes too -- but not for work. When working I really need to concentrate on work, not on staying upright.


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