Monday, April 05, 2010

Have You Tried Paperback Swap Market Yet?

One of these days, my Paperback Swap posts will be for everyone. At least, that's one of my dreams. It's only normal for me to want to share something involving books that's giving me so much pleasure. Unfortunately, Paperback Swap isn't for everyone, so anyone outside the US can breeze right on past this post. However... if you're in the US, I have a question for you:

Have you purchased books from the Paperback Swap Market yet?

When I first received word of it, I purposely didn't pay too much attention to it because I'm trying to spend as little money as possible on books. The powers that be at PBS must've known that many members wouldn't pay attention because the next time I took a look at my wish list, I discovered that someone had put all the books on my wish list that were available at the Market right at the top of the first page. Now "PBS Market" is one of the choices for sorting your wish and reminder lists.

I kept mine set to sort by PBS Market, and seeing books available for purchase that had been sitting on my wish list for months just started to prey on my mind. (I know you fellow bookaholics can relate.)

The books available for purchase at PBS Market are all new hardcovers, and most prices are right around $5.99. What makes them irresistible for many members is that credits can be used. I broke down and purchased four new hardcover books. The highest priced title was $4.09. Add shipping and a 50¢ transaction fee, and my purchase came to $18.78, plus four credits. Not bad, eh?

Shipping is by USPS Media Mail. I ordered my four books on March 21 and received them on April 1. The books were packaged in a double layer of waterproof bubble wrap, and were in perfect condition.

You want to know another good thing about PBS Market? You don't have to be a member of Paperback Swap to buy books. Just follow the link. You can search the available books by genre, format, title, author and keyword; moreover, there are various ways that you can sort the results. Of course you're not going to get the good deals on price like Paperback Swap members, but maybe that's just the incentive you need to join?

I know. I know. Just what you needed: another good book-buying alternative!


  1. Sometimes it's a good thing to be over here in Oz - one less thing to be tempted by :)

  2. Im with Bernadette, although sometimes I think it would be nice to have things like this available to us. Books are so expensive in Australia. It wouldbe nice to have more opportunities to get our hands on cheap books

  3. I use PBSwap all the time, but have never tried purchasing any. Enjoy!

  4. I have used BookMooch..not with the best results...but have never used PBS, the swap or buy options. I really do need to because, heavens knows, I am down to just a few hundred unread books on hand.

  5. Ah Temptation, get thee behind me!

  6. Oh no, I don't need a place to find bargains on books!

  7. LOL - my comment was going to be very much like bermudaonions..... don't tell me how to get more books at great prices :)


    (This sounds awesome but dont tell my husband!)

  8. I love PBS. :) I haven't bought any books from the Market yet though. I'm trying to hold off since I have such a large pile of unread books here already.

    You got The Manual of Detection! That one's on my wishlist... Must resist purchase... Must whittle down TBR pile... :)

  9. I just had to let you know that after all your praised for PBS - I registered today and listed 10 books (to receive 2 credits). An hour later I have already a request for one of the books I listed!

    I am still new and trying to figure out the site, but since you have had such positive results, I know that it will be worth it in the end.

    I think you should get some kind of referral credit - don't you?

  10. Bernadette--This is very true!

    Becky-- I'm all for cheap books... WORLDWIDE!!!

    Diane-- I think it's something that I will use only occasionally when it's a book I've wanted for ages, but I'm glad to know that it's available.

    Caite-- Are you like me... get all nervous when you're down to a mere 300 books on your TBR shelves?

    Barbara-- Why? It will just whisper in your ear from back there!

    Kathy-- You seem to do quite well your own way!

    Sheila-- My lips are zipped!

    Katy-- Boy, do I understand where you're coming from! LOL

    Molly-- There was an opportunity to give me a referral credit when you signed up, but I have about 250 credits, so all I would've done is give it back to you. I hope you enjoy PBS, and if you have any questions, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help!

  11. I do wish PBS would come over to the UK. I use Bookmooch all the time and have been very pleased with all the mooches I have made but would just like that wider variety. I am good in the fact that I will send worldwide while some moochers won't which is a shame.


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