Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do You Talk Too Much?

You Don't Talk Too Much

You have mastered the art of conversation. You understand that listening is as important as talking.

Like anyone else, you think that the things you have to say are important and interesting. You just know that not everyone is interested in hearing them.

You wait your turn, speak your piece, and quickly turn the conversation back to your partner.

You may choose your words carefully, but people consider you to be more of a brilliant conversationalist than some chatty know-it-all!


  1. The survey says I don't talk too much, but Carl would probably disagree!

  2. Ditto. Dave would give me that puzzled look he gets when I say something preposterous.

  3. Oh no, I don´t talk too much when I am among strangers - but among good friends & family? Well, that is something else, isn´t it?

  4. I'm back in line with you on this one Cathy. If I'm with good friends, we can talk for hours, but otherwise I can be pretty quite. I also prefer to text or email rather than talk on the phone. I think that's due more to working for call centers and help desks most of of my adult life, where I was tied to the phone for 8 hours a day.

  5. I have my quiet times even when I'm home. I also have times when I can talk both of Denis's arms off, so I'm not sure how he would answer this one. When I'm among people I don't know and have no obligation to speak, I tend to keep quiet and observe before I say very much.

    Kris-- I hate telephones, and I know why. I had a job where I spent most of my shift each day with my shoulders hunched to keep a phone at each ear. I got so sick and tired of multi-tasking I couldn't see straight. I also saw how most of the calls were completely unnecessary!

  6. It said I don't talk to much -- but maybe I didn't answer the questions truthfully :) Quite often my Hub gets that glazed over look when he has reached his saturation point.

  7. Kim-- I've seen that glazed look myself a few times. ;)


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