Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Central Illinois Resident, 1992

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  1. Hi, I just came over from Jemima's blog 'The Reading Journey' and absolutely adore the photo.......So very Cute!

    PS I enjoyed the Scene of the Blog and agree, Jemima sure is one very talented woman.

  2. I'd better not show this post to Dave. He's always said us folks from central Ill. are kind of squirrely. :)

    A reporter from a Binghamton paper called to interview me last night. He's originally from LaGrange, Ill. I've said for a long time that no one lives in Ill. anymore - we've all gone someplace else!

  3. How cute! Love how he looks so kicked-back and relaxed.

    Posted pics of our prairie dog today for my WW

  4. Gail-- Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Barbara-- I tend to agree with you. With all the folks from Illinois you meet living elsewhere, I wonder if there's anyone left within the state's borders!

    Diane-- I know someone else who isn't a squirrel fan either!

    TR-- Definitely got to check out your prairie dog!

    Dorte-- This squirrel would come to the back door and scratch at it when it wanted some peanut butter and crackers. :)

  5. I'm not a good commenter (I am way behind on my Reader so I end up reading everyone's posts a week or so late), but OMG this pic is SO cute!! :)

  6. Beth-- It's rather difficult to see in the photo, but the chubby he is a chubby she who has babies in a nearby tree.

    Kay-- Thanks. :) I'm not the best of commenters myself, so I know what you're talking about.


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