Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Jemima of The Reading Journey!

If you haven't visited New England book blogger Jemima's blog The Reading Journey, you're in for a treat.

Jemima has an eclectic taste in books, so I can never be quite sure just what sort of book she's going to review next. Since my own literary tastes can be a bit wide-ranging, I like this.

Besides reviews, giveaways, challenges and the like, Jemima has a feature that I really enjoy: Literary Excursions. In this feature you'll either find photos of some very interesting looking libraries, or you'll join Jemima in exploring literary homes such as Robert Frost's farm. If you've never stopped by The Reading Journey, I hope you'll do so today. Please make sure to say hi to Jemima!

Now is the time you've all been waiting for-- the unveiling of Jemima's blogging space. Let's take a look, shall we? (Don't forget: you can click on each photo to see it full size.)

I write my blog in a nice corner of my bedroom using a small laptop. A little notebook helps me to keep track of what books I need to review next and the desk draws contain stationary and notebooks.

I have a bookshelf beside me which I like to keep really neat and tidy. I have the books arranged roughly by the color of the spine. My other hobby is portrait painting and I have a couple of paintings I have done on top of my bookshelf and in the bottom shelf.

If it is possible I want to add one more photo and a great quote that I found after I emailed you.... The caption for the photo would be "My Secure Reading Position" and the quote is as follows:

"I never read without making sure I am in a secure position. I have been like this ever since the age of seven when, sitting on a high wall and reading The Water Babies, I was so seduced by the descriptions of underwater life that I unconsciously relaxed my muscles. Instead of being held buoyant by the water that so vividly surrounded me in my mind, I plummeted to the ground and knocked myself out. I can still feel the scar under my fringe now. Reading can be dangerous." - Diane Setterfield in The Thirteenth Tale

I'm never going to turn down a featured blogger when she wants to add a photo and a wonderful quote to her post. I had to smile because that very same quote really resonated with me when I read The Thirteenth Tale. I have been totally lost to my surroundings when reading, so much so that I now (like Jemima) make certain my reading position is secure from force of habit.

I was really impressed with Jemima's neat and tidy blogging space and her color-coordinated bookshelf, but what really blew me away were those two portraits she painted. You are one very talented woman, Jemima, and I want to thank you so very much for allowing us this peek into your home. We all appreciate it!

Which book blogger will we be visiting next Wednesday? Something tells me we'll be stopping by a self-professed "bookstore stalker's" home in North Carolina. See you then!


  1. Thanks Cathy for having me on your feature! I appreciate it.

  2. So neat and tidy! My home office has a sign that reads: Caution: Crisis in Progress. The scene inside makes that sign all too believable. I must look at Jemima's blog.

  3. That is a great quotation--I've felt like that! A wing chair is just the thing--looks quite secure.

  4. I loved that quote!! I know what it is like getting immersed in a book so completely.

    Great blogging nice and neat and calming.

  5. I love Jemima's blog and your meme is fantastic :)

    I'm glad I found your blog today. It is truly excellent!

  6. gorgeous spot! i love the little dresser.

  7. Very neat and tidy! Looks perfect.

  8. And here I have been telling my students that nothing evil would happen to them if they sat down quietly with a good book!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your scary story!

  9. Thanks for all the comments about the neatness of my blogging space. I have always found it easy to keep my books tidy even if the rest of the house is in a mess. Books just line up so nicely!


  10. Yes, very neat and tidy. Beautiful portraits, too!

  11. I love how you organize the book shelf! That is so great! Fun to see your work space :)

  12. Jemima-- You're very welcome. I'm so glad you could participate!

    Kals-- Thank you so much for stopping by!

  13. Super space and a lovely chair. Her blogging area is so neat and clean! Alas, I am unworthy.

  14. What a visually perfect way for an artist to arrange their books! Love it. I always do it by size - mimicking notes on a scale - tall then small and back to tall again.


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