Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Rebecca of Lost in Books!

Another week has flown by, and once again it's time to introduce you all to a very special book blogger. This week our blogger hails from North Carolina. How does Rebecca describe herself?

I am a reader, a writer, a designer, a crafty little thing. I am a teacher, a humanitarian, a bookstore stalker, a seeker-outer of parks, and I am owned by a 12-year-old cat. I'm a swimmer, a yoga student, a napper, an amateur photographer, and a professional living room dancer. I'm totally A.D.D. and I have penchant for learning about cultures different than my own.

All that energy, restless spirit and inquisitiveness can be found on Rebecca's blog, Lost in Books. I enjoy Rebecca's blog, not only for that header of hers and all that energy and spirit which shows through in her posts, but for regular features like 20 Questions and The Book List which asks people to list things like... name three books that take you back to high school. If you've never stopped by Rebecca's blog before, I hope you do soon. It's well worth a visit. (Don't forget to say hi while you're there!)

Rebecca was one of the book bloggers who almost turned me down when I asked her if she would participate. To quote her: "Thank you so much for considering me for your feature. I like seeing where the other bloggers work. However, I am afraid I don't have much of anything to show for the moment. I don't blog in any one particular place and a lot of times it's my bed, so that's pretty uninteresting."

However, my powers of persuasion can be rather good when I put my mind to it, and Rebecca did send me a photo of her usual blogging spot:

Granted, we've had some pretty amazing blogging spaces featured here each Wednesday, and compared to a few of them, Rebecca's creative space is indeed a bit humble. I'm sure you'll all agree with me that there's absolutely nothing wrong with "humble". This photo gives me such a clear mental picture of Rebecca sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking for a specific quote in a book she's reviewing, then laying the book down to type madly on her laptop for a minute or two. That picture is so clear that it's difficult to shake it out of my head.

If all the energy and spirit that are contained in Lost in Books comes from this one simple space, perhaps we should all blog from bed once in a while. What do you think?

Thank you so much for participating in Scene of the Blog, Rebecca. We really appreciate it!

Don't forget to stop by next week when we'll be featuring a book blogger from the great state of Minnesota!


  1. I love seeing Rebecca's space and actually think a "humble" space can be much less distracting than a fancy space. I love Rebecca's blog and didn't know she hails from North Carolina!

  2. I get the same mental picture! It looks like a great set up to me, and since Rebecca is so prolific, it must work pretty well!

  3. Cathy, I've been meaning to stop by for a while and tell you that I enjoy this feature.

    I love Rebecca's blog and you painted a wonderful picture of her madly typing away. I also really liked her description of herself. Very eclectic.

  4. Nope...nothing wrong with "humble." I wish I had the space to blog on my bed...looks so comfortable. Thanks for talking her into sharing with us!!! Hopping over to check out her blog.

  5. Rebecca thanks for sharing your space with us. I am a fan of Rebecca's blog. So many times when I am reading it I end up chuckling. She tells it like it is.

    Thanks Cathy for convincing Rebecca to take part. I love reading this weekly feature to see the spaces bloggers work in and to discover new blogs.

  6. There is just something about Rebecca's description of herself in the sidebar that makes me grin whenever I visit her blog. Crafty little thing, book store stalker, and then of course, professional living room dancer bring out my chuckles before I move on to read her new post.

  7. I like visiting Rebecca's blog too. Kudos to you for convincing her to share that blogging is done from all sorts of places - you don't need a fancy desk to find success in blogging. Though I must confess, if I blogged from my bed I wouldn't get much posting done - I'd be fast asleep.

  8. Kathy-- I agree. I think sometimes that the more there is in a space, the more your mind has to distract it. (Or I just have a very distractable brain!)

    Rhapsody-- It certainly does work for her! :)

    Kay-- I love her self portrait. It always makes me smile.

    Kara-- I'm so glad you're going to check out her blog!

    Cindy-- You're welcome!

    Susan-- I always have to take a look at that, too!

    Molly-- I am in complete agreementzzzzzzzzzz....

  9. Bermudaonion- Thanks, Kathy. Yes, we are not that far apart considering!

    Jill- Well, thanks. :)

    Kay- She did paint a great picture. I don't think I could have worded it better myself.

    Kara- It is pretty relaxing. I hope you find something to enjoy on my blog!

    Cindy- Haha, thanks, Cindy. I try to keep it real. :)

    Susan- I love that you like my little description of myself. I had no idea that just telling about myself would be so entertaining! :)

    Bumbles- It is a fine line...hehe

  10. And so through Rebecca's blog I find yours! My google reader is getting as out of hand as my TBR pile! But, thanks for doing what you do.

  11. Humble is great and I admire Rebecca for sharing a picture of her 'spot' where she blogs. Now I don't feel so bad about typing at my kitchen table. :)

  12. It must be nice and cozy! It would be cool if I could do that, but I would probably nod off quickly and never get anything done.

  13. I agree with Cathy--I can totally see Rebecca sitting on her bed and typing away at her laptop. :)

  14. Elisabeth- Isn't that the truth! I am scared to even look at my GR anymore. I think I am going to have to use the Blogroll on my blog and keep updating it. It is far less intimidating than "1000+ items to read"- eeek!

    Robin- Awesome! I like that you don't have a fancy desk set up either. While I think i might be more productive at one, it shows that we can still blog without one!

    Alyce- Trust me, when it rains outside, I am a goner.

    Tasha- Haha, I am doing that right now!

  15. My humble chair likes that humble bed. It looks quite comfy. I think there are lots of us who blog from someplace other than a desk.

  16. A humble and comfortable abode for a prolific blogger. Rebecca is great and I commend her for staying comfy as she blogs. I subscribe to the same philosophy!

  17. Rebecca is very humble ... and she shouldn't be! I still don't get how you can blog on a bed though. I just couldn't do it!

  18. Elisabeth-- You're welcome. I'm very glad you stopped by!

    Jill-- I know there are! :)

  19. Looks very comfortable ad serene. But I'd probably find it difficult to blog on my bed.

  20. I think blogging from my bed would be wonderful--wish I had a laptop!

  21. softdrink- Yay for humble surroundings!

    Michelle- Why, thank you. (blush) Comfy surroundings for a comfy blog. :)

    Jenners- Sometimes I sit in a chair...but not much.

    Beth- Sometimes it is easier than others I admit.

    Lisa- You should get one! Then you can blog from anywhere you want!

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  22. I think Rebecca's blogging space looks very comfortable, and comfort is very important!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  23. I started off blogging from bed and then moved to a desk or chair because I could. Maybe I should move back, at least once in a while!


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