Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Room Are You Most at Home In?

You Are Most at Home in the Bedroom

You're the type of person who finds sanctuary in your home. Your home is your private space.

While you may be a social person outside the home, it's very rare that you invite people into your home.

There's nothing like spending time alone in your bedroom - relaxing and reflecting about your day. You truly treasure your time by yourself. You need to be able to recharge every so often in order to thrive.


  1. I'm most at home in the bathroom! LOL

    You're the type of person who doesn't spend a lot of time at home. You're happily busy and the furthest thing in the world from a homebody.
    And when you are at home, you are looking to be refreshed and renewed.

    There's nothing like a hot shower or bath to make you ready to face the world again.
    You love to take care of yourself, and there's a good chance you spend an above average amount of time in front of the mirror.

  2. Mine is the bedroom. I am a real homebody so I suppose that's right although my recliner in the family room would be the most likely place to find me. Glad you're back, Cathy. Hope you are feeling great again. Like the new look.

  3. That is so me! I love my bedroom, struggle through the times guests visit, and need lots of space.

  4. Is there a library? If not, I don´t have to take the test to know it will be the bedroom.

  5. Kathy-- LOL! I feel at home in my bathroom, too. After all, there's usually a book of some sort in there. ;)

    Barbara-- I'm glad you like the new look. I love to travel, but I'm a homebody sort of traveler. When we're spending a few days in one place, I like to rent a cottage so we have a home base while exploring.

    Deb-- It's very much me, too.

    Dorte-- I'm not sure how many rooms are possible answers. Since most homes don't have a library, I'd say you're safe to stick with the bedroom! :)

  6. I'm the bedroom too although I'd love to have a library like Dorte does.

    Glad to see you back. Sure hope you are back to normal. I like the new template or format or theme or whatever it's called. Clean and crisp.

  7. Good to see you back. I have been reading via email, and felt like I had come to a different blog! Very elegant!

  8. Mine came out bedroom as well! :)

  9. Margot JR-- I'm glad you like the new look. :)

    Susan-- Thanks! I normally do all my blog reading from my reader. I have to remind myself to actually go to the blogs once in a while to see if they've changed their appearances!

    Sharon-- We must be a bunch of homebodies!

  10. I'm the living room too. The bathroom one cracks me up.

  11. Stacy-- I have to admit that the bathroom does make me chuckle a bit. :)


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