Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Ever feel like Lunch?
Cooper's Hawk Outside my Office Window in Central Phoenix
January 17, 2010

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  1. Beautiful picture! And yes, it looks like the bird's checking whether you're food or nod :D

  2. Oh, I like this one. Very majestic.

  3. How awesome is this picture?! It's crazy that you managed to capture this magnificent bird like that.

  4. Wow, he's gorgeous! Do you take your camera with you to work every day?

  5. Amazing that it just stood on your table like that! WOW!!!!!!

  6. Marny-- I started getting goosebumps when I saw how that hawk was sizing me up!

    Dorte-- It is a very beautiful bird.

    Lilly-- I've had some very unusual creatures show up on my property. Unfortunately I haven't always had a camera at hand!

    Barbara-- It certainly looks that way! LOL

    Kathy-- The office I'm talking about is my home office. Denis was a bit miffed that the hawk visited while he was at work.

    Beth-- I think it had just "missed lunch" if you get my drift and was sitting there hoping that one of the small birds shivering in the nearby shrubbery would make a fatal mistake.

  7. oh, wow! i can't imagine looking out my office window and seeing that! usually all i see are scores of teenagers glaring at me. :) (i work in a high school) lol.

  8. Nat-- My "office" at work is a windowless vault most of the time, so I certainly appreciate being able to sit here in my home office and look out the window to see things like this hawk. Having one of the few pools in the neighborhood has always seemed to draw unusual wildlife to my back garden.


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