Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Color Is Your Name?

Your Name is Gray

Your name tells people that you are calm and level headed. Your name makes you seem honest and fair. You are able to look at things clearly and without emotion. You tend to remain neutral in most disputes.

People see you as reliable and trustworthy. You treat everyone equally, and you don't tend to have any prejudices.

You are naturally calculating and even a bit cunning. You don't like to show your cards too early in the game.


  1. My Name is White

    "Your name tells people that you have good intentions and a pure heart. You try to always speak the truth.
    You are happy to step back and let other people shine. You don't seek attention or acclaim.

    People see you as someone who is generous and ethical. You can be counted on to do the right thing.
    You are bright and clear headed. You can offer a fresh perspective, especially when other people are in a rut."

    I hope all of this is true! LOL

  2. I am always shocked how accurate these fun tests can be. My name color is blue (quiet and reflective) and a few weeks ago, my least favorite subject was gym :)

    I think I am going to have to post these on my blog so others can have insight into My Cozy Book Nook. Thanks so much for the links!

  3. My name is purple (polite and cultured) which pretty much suits me. It's also a sign of my generation - how many people below the age of 60 do you find named Barbara?

  4. I'm blue, like Molly.
    Your name tells people that you are friendly and caring. You have a strong sense of empathy, and you aren't afraid to wear your heart for all to see.
    You can often be found in quiet reflection. You rather think about something than act on it.

    People see you as insightful and intuitive. You usually have a wise take on what's going on.
    You try to rise above your instincts. You believe that it's important to live as good of a life as possible.

    I like it, but I must have a bit of gray in me beacause I think I can be a bit calculating too :)

  5. My name is Green

    Your name tells people that you are harmonious and balanced. You've got it together, and it shows.
    You are hopeful and optimistic. You know it's not over until it's over, and you keep fighting until the end.

    People see you as peaceful to the point of being zen. You won't allow anything to get under your skin.
    You struggle with envy at times, but you never let it show. You believe that jealousy is a weakness, and you try not to let yourself indulge in it.

  6. I like this quiz because it's giving more variety in the answers! Pity I turned out to be such a blah color. LOL

  7. I was white like Kathy. Fun quiz!

  8. I'm green too! (based on my real name)


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