Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Apache Lake, Arizona

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  1. This is so beautiful. It's an area I'd like to spend more time in, especially the back country.

  2. That photo really brings back memories - must manage to get back over next year

  3. Very pretty - and someplace I've actually visited. We were down in Phoenix for a business trip a couple of years ago and took a wonderful drive out that way. Gorgeous area.

  4. Oh!

    Remove the water and the green colours - and you have my image of Arizona ;)

  5. I agree with Dorte, Arizona shouldn't be so green ;-D But I've actually had a short lay over once in Phoenix, and it was during summer and it was hot, so that was more like how I imagined Arizona should look like ;o)

  6. that is a lovely view, well framed

    happy thanksgiving!

  7. OMG -- that is absolutely stunning. That is a must-frame. Wow.

  8. Kathy-- It's one of my favorite stopping places along the Apache Trail.

    Margot JR-- There's no better time than spring when all the wildflowers are in bloom!

    Jackie-- I'll bet you've driven along the Apache Trail!

    SuziQ-- I've heard people stopped along the way admiring the views saying, "Who needs to go to the Grand Canyon?" I'd disagree with them, but it is a gorgeous area.

    Dorte-- If we're lucky with winter rains, vast areas of Arizona can actually be green!

    Louise-- Arizona is a very diverse area, so there's green as well as brown. :)

    Kaye-- Thank you. I hope you and yours had a wonderful day, too.

    Beth-- Thanks!


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