Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving?

You Are Thanksgiving

You don't need a lot to make you feel happy during the holidays. You already feel very blessed.

It is easy for you to be thankful. You think the holidays are the perfect time to express your gratitude.

You are definitely not a materialistic person. If anything, you feel like the holiday season has been infected with greed.

An indulgent meal in a warm home surrounded by those close to you is more than enough. Anything extra is just whipped cream on your pumpkin pie.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    I got the same, strange really, cos I looove presents

  2. I got Thanksgiving too! How funny!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Cathy and all your loved ones.

  3. It's just as I suspected - I'm Thanksgiving too! I hope you have a great one.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. Hi Cathy, just popping in to wish you and your family a most happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day!

    I think I am Thanksgiving too.

  6. We have a dreary cool day in PA but soon the house will smell heavenly of roasting turkey. I hope your day will be full of joy - and not too hot.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy, and everyone and every thing you are thankful for.

  8. I'm neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas. I'm locking the doors, drawing the curtains, and waiting until the whole damn lot's over with.

  9. Blodeuedd-- Thank you! I used to feel the same way about gifts, but I changed a few years ago. I think finding my husband and importing him had something to do with my change of heart.

    Lilly-- The very same to you!

    Kathy-- I hope you did, too!

    Margot K-- You, too!

    Kaye-- Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Diane-- There seem to be an abundance of Thanksgiving folk stopping by. Isn't it great? :)

    Barbara-- It was a perfect day here in Phoenix!

    Charlie-- Thank you so much. The very same to you and yours!

    Philip-- Good luck with that plan. Sooner or later, I'd get cabin fever and have to leave the house!

  10. :( Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and they told me I was Christmas!!!


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