Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Canyon de Chelly overlook
Chinle, Arizona

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  1. One of the most wonderful places we have ever visited and my wife who hates flying only agreed to an 11 hour flight to Phoenix because she is a Tony Hillerman fan.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the soil and vegetation!

  3. It looks so peaceful. Beautiful photo, Cathy.

  4. lovely shot, I love red rock country. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  5. Beautiful shot of beautiful country. I love the red rock canyons too.

  6. Uriah-- Did you happen to take the all-day tour into Canyon de Chelly? It's fabulous! By the way, that's my niece Karen from Lancashire sitting at the brink in the photo.

    Kathy-- The first time Denis and I took a dirt road through Monument Valley, I didn't want to wash the orange mud off the car.

    Wendy--It is very peaceful. If I had to choose between going to the Grand Canyon or going to Canyon de Chelly, I'd choose the latter every time. Something about the place whispers "home" to me when I'm there.

    Kaye--I'm very partial to red sandstone myself!

    Margot--Red sandstone is the best for showing us that Nature is the true architect amongst us all. No one can compete.

    Luanne-- Traveling into those canyons is even more amazing.

  7. No we did not Cathy we were still getting used to the heat and altitude!
    Even though it was April it was very hot for us English, we are used to rain almost every day.;o)
    We travelled on to Window Rock, Gallup and Acoma before reaching Albuquerque.
    I agree with Wendy about Canyon du Chelly and the Grand Canyon.
    Chinle had the cleanest motel and some of the best food we have eaten plus we saw a Navajo policeman, Jim Chee?

  8. Uriah-- None of my English kin will come visit past April until October rolls around. And when I visit the UK, I always bring sweaters and a jacket... and am glad to leave the humidity behind when we leave!

    If you're ever back our way again, think about taking that tour into Canyon de Chelly. (It's not respectful to look down on Spider Rock!) It's cooler inside the canyons. The canyon walls tower up to 1500 feet above you, and your transport is a Korean War-era troop carrier which is perfect for getting through patches of quicksand. Thus endeth the tourism spiel.... ;)

  9. Thanks Cathy I do the same tourist spiel for Devon and the English Riviera, but appreciate the sheer beauty of the USA outside the big cities.

  10. Uriah-- Very few of my favorite places anywhere have anything to do with cities. I'm all for finding and enjoying the Middle of Nowhere. :)

    Beth-- They certainly can get in one's blood, can't they?

  11. I'm so behind on commenting on people's blogs but just wanted to say that this is a great photo Cathy!


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