Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scene of the Blog Featuring Amanda of Bookwormom!

This week, it's time to head over to Washington, DC and visit with Amanda of Bookwormom. (I have to admit that her blog's name is one of my favorites.) Amanda has been sick recently, so let's all send some healing vibes her way in hopes of speeding up her recovery! While you're at it, make sure to stop by her blog. You'll see a very nice mix of book reviews, book news, reading challenges and talk about school and classes.

We hope you're feeling better, Amanda!

It's now time for me to step out of the spotlight in order for you to take a look at Amanda's blogging space. Don't forget that you can click on the photo to view it full size. Hey! You there, up in the rafters! Swing that spotlight over to Amanda!

The window faces southeast, so the sun pours in all day shining directly onto my desk in the winter. Just out of view outside is a birdfeeder and a birdhouse. The birds flit back and forth between the trees and the feeder in the morning and the late afternoon. Across the room is a CD player, so between the birds and the music it's a wonder I have any attention to spare for blogging! :)

I was a daydreamer as a kid, and I think it has followed me into adulthood. My little corner is cleaned up at the moment, but usually there are haphazard stacks of books and piles of papers everywhere. Post-It notes stuck to the wall and the calendar. You get the picture!

Amanda has a nice, compact space that takes advantage of that window. I agree with her, between the birds, the sunshine and the music, I'd find it difficult to herd together enough of my own brain cells in order to blog!

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Amanda. We really appreciate it!

Where will Scene of the Blog be next Wednesday? Stop by and find out!


  1. Amanda looks to be very organized!

  2. The space looks like something a daydreamer would spend time in. Very quaint and I really like it, especially the sun rays streaming through the curtain.

  3. Nice little corner of the world! Solitude and/or the internet--great combination.

  4. A nice corner, seems some good light comes in there too. And music is always nice

  5. A sunny corner is the perfect place for daydreaming. Blogging feels like daydreaming out loud. Thanks for sharing the space of a fun blogger.

  6. reviewsbylola~ It took me a long time to learn to do all of my chores before sitting down at the computer. :) That's still hard to do, to tell the truth.

    Lilly~ You caught me! :) I catch my self spending valuable time watching the birds on the feeder (just beyond the window) rather than working.

    jenclair~ It's a versatile little spot.;)

    Blodeuedd~ The light is loveliest in fall & winter when the sun shines directly through the window. Sunshine & music- sometimes I think I was a cat in a previous life. :)

    Margot~ I like your thought that blogging = daydreaming!

    Heartfelt apologies to Cathy & all of the commenters, somehow I got my days mixed up & thought I was due to sit in & chat today, not yesterday.

    Happy blogging all~ Amanda

  7. Nice cozy space. I love the idea of looking out at the bird feeder all day -- sounds like a wonderful way to contemplate your blog posts.

  8. Amanda-- That's okay. Although I did know that you'vebeen ill recently, so I was wondering if I should send out a search posse to make sure you were all right!

  9. beth f~ Somehow I find the birds peaceful, watching them helps me set aside my day for a moment.

    Serena~ Cozy & compact describes our whole apartment. :) Much easier to find my books in a small space.

    Cathy~ I'm slowly getting better. I gave myself a setback getting out of bed for an exam (prof "doesn't do" alternate days for tests) & to turn in a research paper to a prof who won't accept emailed documents. Am slowly on the mend. Finally.


  10. Amanda--I'm so glad to hear that you're finally on the mend!

  11. Beautiful space! Love the sunlight.


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