Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simon Marsden Visits Castle Grant

Visit Castle Grant in Scotland and you may see a ghostly piper trying to deliver news of the defeat at Culloden, or a serving maid whose tasks are never done. You may even see the small benevolent spirit of Barbara Grant who learned the consequences of defying her father's wishes. Barbara's father insisted she marry a man she did not love. When she refused to obey, he locked her in a cupboard where she was left to starve to death unless she changed her mind. She chose death.

A visit to Castle Grant might turn out to be the highlight of your holiday. In Simon Marsden's wonderful photograph, it does look foreboding-- a place of ultimatums and unhappiness.

If you'd like to read more about Castle Grant and other spine-chilling places to visit in the British Isles, grab a copy of The Haunted Realm: Ghosts, Spirits and Their Uncanny Abodes by Simon Marsden. His photography is marvelous, and the accompanying text draws you in and keeps the pages turning. The cover seen to the left is from my copy of the 1987 edition. The book has been updated and can be found at places such as Amazon or on Sir Marsden's own website where you'll also find greeting cards, calendars and other items available for purchase.

Visiting haunted houses is the perfect way for me to get in the mood for Halloween!


  1. I've only come to know Simon Marsden through your site; his photography is so atmospheric! I LOVE old homes, too. Gorgeous :-)

  2. Aarti-- I'm glad I could introduce you to such a wonderful artist. Thanks for stopping by!


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