Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inspirational Haverholme Priory As Seen By Simon Marsden

Haverholme Priory in Lincolnshire, England has some very well documented spirits. Some are known to frequent the Ghost Walk, and dogs and horses want nothing to do with a bridge at the end of a long avenue of elm trees. This area terrifies them. It's also said that Charles Dickens used Haverholme as his model for Chesney Wold in Bleak House.

Marsden's photograph once again is creepily atmospheric. That tower looming above me is watching me, daring me to come closer. Daring me to hear footsteps crunching on the gravel of the Ghost Walk. Enticing me to walk the avenue of elms down to the bridge. Something tells me I may not be brave enough to accept the challenge.

If you enjoy architecture, history, photography and things that go bump in the night as much as I do, find yourself a copy of The Haunted Realm: Ghosts, Spirits and Their Uncanny Abodes by Simon Marsden because I'm not going to turn loose of my 1987 edition! Marsden's book can be found at Amazon and on his own website and archive.

Reading about these historic and spooky old places is putting me in the perfect mood for Halloween!

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