Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simon Marsden Looks at Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey on the Yorkshire coast has to be one of the most atmospheric places in England, and Simon Marsden's black and white photograph captures it perfectly. Whitby's ghosts? An ancient coach pulled by four headless horses which races along the clifftop near the abbey before plunging over the cliff into the dark water below. Constance de Beverley (Sir Walter Scott's Marmion) who violated her vows and was bricked up alive in a Whitby Abbey dungeon. Those are only two of the spirits who call the abbey home.

What makes Whitby Abbey so special for readers? Bram Stoker visited once and was so impressed that he was inspired to write Dracula.

The next time I'm in the UK, I definitely want to visit Whitby Abbey, but in the meantime, I do love looking closely at Simon Marsden's photograph. The photograph alone can scare me! If you'd like to see and read more on the subject, you need to find a copy of The Haunted Realm: Ghosts, Spirits and Their Uncanny Abodes by Simon Marsden. The book can be found at places such as Amazon, or at Sir Marsden's website where you'll also find posters, prints, calendars and other items that are available.


  1. I love Whitby, it's gorgeous and gothic. :)

  2. What a wonderful picture! "Atmospheric" really is the only way to describe it!

  3. Marsden's photos are so eery, aren't they? Lovely, creative, and fascinating. Of course, Whitby Abbey has it's own special ambiance from both fact and faction!

  4. Wow, is that straight out of an early Hitchcock film or what. Beautiful photograph.

  5. Hagelrat-- I know...I must get there one of these days!

    Margot K-- I agree!

    Jenclair-- I love his photography. It draws me right in!

    Corey-- You and I are on the same wavelength. His photography reminds me of Hitchcock, too!


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