Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

An old coaching inn (now a book shop)
Clare, Suffolk, England


  1. Nice site for a bookshop! Good for them!

  2. Looks cozy enough. Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

  3. Oh, I bet that's a fabulous bookshop!

  4. What a great place for a bookshop!

  5. Such a lovely books hop! I could spend hours and hours there!

  6. Harvee-- I love how the UK repurposes old buildings.

    Kaye-- And being an old coaching inn, just think of the stories it has to share!

    Kathy-- They were so busy sprucing it up that I didn't realize it was a book shop until I was researching a post about our trip. Now I want to go back there and see if I can find anything to spend some money on!

    Dorte-- Isn't it though? I love it!

    Amy-- I could spend hours there, too-- for the books AND the building!

  7. Having recently spent an entire morning in our library, I'm starting to remember how much fun it used to be to take the time to do things like spend time in a cozy little bookshop. This inn looks like it would make a wonderful bookshop!


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