Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Dar of Peeking Between the Pages

This week we're staying in Canada to visit with Dar of Peeking Between the Pages. Her excellent blog is filled with challenges, giveaways, book reviews...and photos of a handsome fellow named Buddy who likes to spend precious reading time with her. If you've never stopped by Dar's blog before, please take the time to do so. You'll be glad you did!

Where does Dar do all her blogging? In bed? In the kitchen? On the couch? Does she have an office? Would you like me to stop asking you and just show you already?

Okay. I can take a hint! Here's where Dar creates all those excellent blog posts. (Remember that all the photos are clickable so you can view them full size.)

Well, this is where I can be found every day of the week either blogging or working. I work from home so this is also my work space for that. I do have an office downstairs with a lovely desk but it's too dark down there for me. I like the sunshine and brightness so I moved me and all my assorted blogging and working mess to the dining room table.

Not very exciting and certainly not the neatest work area in the world but I'm comfortable. I've got a big picture window just across the living room giving me a nice view outside and let me tell you that many hours can pass me by while I'm busy blogging and commenting and all that good stuff on the blogs of all the great people I've met.

This is the view that I have while clacking on the keys all day. I thought it might be nice to show you this since my work space isn't too exciting. lol. That is Buddy's couch and usually he's perched right up there on the top of the sofa and I can be caught very often gazing out that window daydreaming instead of working. Thanks Cathy for having me here. I really enjoy Scene of the Blog and I'm honored to be the one featured today.

That's the problem sometimes with having a view. I find myself sitting here in my own space watching the birds in the bird bath rather than taking care of business. If I were in Dar's shoes with Buddy on the couch there, I'd be spending a lot of time talking to him. (Just call me Cathy DooLittle.)

Dar mentions not having the most exciting (or the neatest) blogging space in the world, but it's really not about that, is it? Having a blogging space is more about comfort-- the comfortable feeling that enables you to turn your mind loose and create. Dar has space where she can spread out a bit. She has the tools that she needs. The area is filled with light. She has a view. She has a faithful, loving companion close at hand. Sounds good to me. Doesn't it sound good to you? I thought so!

By the way...Dar, is that an apple tree outside your window? Something tells me I'm going to be heading down to the kitchen for a piece of fruit soon....

Thank you so much for letting us take a look at your space, Dar. We really appreciate being able to see where you create your wonderful blog!

Where will we be peeking next Wednesday? You'll just have to come back and find out. See you then!


  1. looks well organized and comfy to me. but the read question is...where is Buddy?

  2. I agree about needed light and a view. Looks like a fine place to blog and work and way less isolating than being downstairs.

  3. I love Dar and her blog, so I'm glad to see her work space. I can see why she moved from the gloom to have that gorgeous view!

  4. I love the chance to have a peek into a bloggers home especially if its a blog I happen to read. It was nice to see where Dar works on a day to day bases.

    Cathy I have had quite a few blogs to my list since you have started this feature. Thank you for introducing us to some great bloggers.

  5. I'm impressed with the beauty of her space. And with a lovely tablecloth too! I should try that. It might 'class-up' my blog posts. Great feature as always.

  6. Great fun to see where you create your lovely reviews Dar :)
    Looks like a nice space

  7. I think I'd rather look out that window and than be in the dark! I think it's a cozy space. That Buddy is adorable!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  8. I am also a fan of Dar´s blog. And perhaps it is just as well she does not let us see Buddy here - now we will all have to pay her a(nother) visit :D

  9. Hi everyone, sorry I'm just finally posting today. I'm going to have this up on my blog soon as well. We had a family emergency and this is the first I got to a computer.

    Thanks so much Cathy for having me here today and I'm so sorry I couldn't make it sooner. I emailed you a short note a while ago.

    That is an apple tree and it is beautiful when in bloom. It's crab apples though and they can be sour!

    Caite, I tried to get Buddy to stay up there but as soon as I got out the camera he jumped down like he always does. He sees the camera and automatically thinks treat.

    Beth, I definitely need light. Without it I am one depressed and grouchy lady.

    Kathy, thanks so much! It is a pretty view especially at the beginning of summer when everyone's trees are in bloom. Of course this is the view I give you guys in the winter too when there is piles of snow. lol.

    Cindy, thanks and I agree. I love to see where bloggers are actually doing their work as well.

    Margot, thanks. I have a few tablecloths I use to change it up because I get bored too easily. It's almost time to shop for some new ones though.

    Blodeuedd, thank you. Sometimes I create them in bed too-lol but mostly right there in that chair.

    Anna, the basement definitely has it's advantages in the summer though because it is nice and cool. For the most part I love to be looking out the window though which is usually why not a lot of work gets done.

    Dorte, hi there. You're right, I can't have Buddy hogging all the glory all the time. I need some for myself sometimes!

    Thanks everyone for visiting and commenting on my oh so humble work space. It's not fancy but it's mine and I like it!

  10. Cathy, I forgot to mention that it was a true honor to appear on your blog. Thank You.

  11. Dar is one of the most prolific bookbloggers I know! I'm so glad to know her!

    I enjoy reading this feature!

  12. Loving your space so much. And I can see why Buddy loves that couch!! I would sit there too!!

  13. If Dar's dining room is like mine, it wasn't getting used much anyway so that makes it the perfect place to set up to work!

  14. I love to see where Dar works! It looks like the perfect spot. I need to have the light and be where the action is too. If I was working at home I might need a room to myself but for my purposes I like to be in the family room. That's the perfect window Dar, and Buddy likes to lounge like my dogs too. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  15. That was a wonderful feature :) This is my first time here... how did I miss out on your blog Cathy!! I am glad I came to read!

    Thank You for doing this Cathy :)

    Dar - I have commented on your blog!!! But just wow! Everything is JUST lovely :) :) even the View...

  16. What a great post. I love Dar's blog. So it nice to see where she writes it and where Buddy sits to watch.

  17. It looks like a good blogging spot to me...beautiful scenery, lots of light, near the kitchen in casr you need a snack and within view of Buddy's ciuch so you always have company! Perfect!

    I love the your profiles of bloggers, Cathy!

    Thank you for another great one!

  18. It's so wonderful to see where Dar blogs as her blog is one of my favorites! I love to see that it's so homey and comfortable! It's the perfect place with the view and comforts of home and buddy by her side.

    Thanks for sharing your space with us Dar!

    Thanks Cathy for this awesome feature on your wonderful blog!

  19. Dar what a great space and what a lot of light. I'm jealous. I live in a dungeon compared to you. I barely get light in my apartment, except when its in the wee hours of the morning.

    Great Scene of the Blog.

  20. What a great place... A view, a Buddy, and Dar is a great blogger. What could anyone ask for?

  21. It so much fun to see a little bit of where you live.

    Cooper is jealous of Buddy's couch spot!

  22. Cindy-- You're quite welcome. I'm thrilled that you enjoy this feature. I'm constantly adding new blogs to my reader, too!

    Dar-- It's an honor to have you here on Kittling: Books. I love your blog, and it's wonderful to be able to see your creative space!

    Melody-- I'm glad you enjoy it!

    Veens-- I'm so glad you stopped by!

    Amy-- I'm glad you enjoy it. This is such a fun feature to do, and I've met a lot of wonderful people while doing it!

    Bonnie-- You're very welcome!

  23. Is that a Book Club Girl mousepad I see? I have one too! Great post. I love this series.

  24. No picture of Buddy? Poor guy must be devastated! :) I love that you have that great window to look out of while your working/blogging. That would definitely bring cheer into my day.

  25. That view is just gorgeous! I agree that a comfortable place to work is far more important than looks or tidiness (my husband would emphasize the tidiness but hey, I'm the one working from home!).

  26. Dar is such an amazing spirit, a beautiful soul & terrific friend. Buddy is a total love bug xxx.

    I really loved seeing Dar's blog happenings. It really defines what blogging is all about -- books scattered about & just fun.

    Thank you, Dar :). Thank you, Cathy!

  27. Funny - I too have much more intended spaces designed for this blogging bit - but none of them are located smack in the middle of where I want to be - with my family.

  28. Comfort and light are the most important things to me as well. I love the picture window! I am lucky enought to have on in my home office however, when the afternoon sun comes I have to close the blinds do to the glare on my screen.

  29. Thanks for sharing Dar. I'm with you - I need to be able to see outside. My old job had NO windows at all - this ne one has two lovely picture window. Sunlight makes a world of difference!

  30. Wow, I can't believe all the wonderful comments - thanks so much you all!

    Melody, thank you. I'm really glad to know you as well!

    Staci, I do end up on that couch with Buddy. That's why the pillows are there. He crawls up on my shoulder. I know - awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Lit and Life - that's exactly how it is in my house!

    Wrighty, I do get distracted doing my office work there sometimes but I just make myself buckle down and get to it.

    Veens, thank you...

    Viv, thanks. It is fun to see where people do their stuff. That's why Cathy's feature here is so brilliant.

    Amy, being near the kitchen is a bad thing most of the time! Much too close to the snackies. lol.

    Bonnie, our house is definitely homey if nothing else. lol.

    Serena, that's pretty much what the basement is like so I can imagine. I can take it only in small doses before I have to get back into the sun. I dread winter!

    Toni, exactly! A book and my dog and I'm set.

    Janel, thanks. I imagine Cooper is a bit too big to fit on the top of a couch. lol.

    Ti, yes it's my Book Club Girl mousepad. It's getting really beat up already though.

    Trish, Buddy wouldn't stay for the picture. I tried. :(

    Belle, I absolutely have to be comfortable and have my stuff ready at hand. Not sure I could live with complete tidiness.

    Diane, thank you so much! Back at you with all those wonderful qualities.

    The Bumbles, sometimes it's nice not to have the family right there especially when you're working and they won't quit making noise. lol.

    Teddy, I love the light! That side window where I sit-that happens there and the blinds do get closed or I get a migraine.

    Luanne, I've worked in a few places that had no windows. It drove me crazy. It's like you were in a hole all day and then got to come out.

    Again, thank you to Cathy for having me here and to all of you for these fantastic comments. You all are the best!


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