Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Type of Transportation Are You?

You Are A Train

You are a true romantic. You have big dreams about how life should be. You take life at a slow and steady pace. You try to appreciate every moment you have.

You are a very visual person. You are always on the lookout for beauty and inspiration. You are able to relax and let go more than most people.


  1. Cathy, this meme said I am a Spaceship - not at all how I see myself.

  2. I'm a plane! I'm not sure it's all true, but I like it.

    "You are ultra modern and futuristic. You embrace technology.
    You like to live a fast paced life. You don't like to wait around much.

    You are a jet setter who loves to travel far and travel often
    You are quite fearless. You are not plagued by common phobias."

  3. Kerrie--I know what you mean. Every once in a while I take one of these quizzes and I'm gobsmacked by the answer that pops up!

    Kathy--Da plane! Da plane!

  4. Usually most of us have the same answer. This week that's not the case. Verrrrrry interesting!

  5. That was fun and different. I too am a train. Must be the readers in us!

  6. Caffey--One thing I've noticed with posting these quizzes every Tuesday: we book bloggers tend to choose the same answers. It must have something to do with the reader in each of us!


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