Monday, June 29, 2009

On Movies-- Action Heroes

This week, the Bumbles would like to know which action heroes are our favorites. I have a soft spot for those big action flicks, and I just had to get together a list of the characters who've saved my bacon, whether it be with humor, smarts, stubbornness, super powers...or being the one hero no one would suspect.

Here's my list:

I grew up knowing that John Wayne could save my bacon any day of the week--with one hand tied behind his back. The photo is from probably the best Western of all time, The Searchers.

If you're in San Francisco and you're in trouble, your best bet is Harry Callahan.

Go ahead. Make his day. Callahan is probably the best action hero with his one-liners. You don't want a hero who's too busy yakking to kick some serious butt.

Want some high tech heroes? You couldn't get much better than Hiller and Levinson from Independence Day. One's got great strength and reflexes; the other has the smarts to think all of us out of trouble.

Sometimes you're in so much trouble that you gotta have a super guy with super powers and cool super toys. One of these days, my husband's going to take the Batcycle out for a spin, and I'm going to see how the Batmobile handles rush hour!

Harrison Ford is the only actor I can think of whose hero status is equal to or greater than John Wayne's. Just think of all the blockbusters in which he's saved the day!

Sometimes the bad guys are so bad that the only thing that can save you is the element of surprise. "I am no man!" Indeed!

(Miranda Otto, The Return of the King)

Got some alien butt that needs serious kicking? I know who I'm going to call-- Ripley!

"Get away from her, you bitch!"

If you'd like to see more favorite action heroes, click on the movie graphic at the top of this post to be taken to the hosts of this meme, the Bumbles!


  1. It seems everyone has a different hero from LOTR which I found to be very interesting. I saw Ripley out there somewhere else too which I love as a choice for this. Harrison is taking the cake today on this topic. Will Smith made an appearance for Ind. Day too. Other super heroes were named but not Bat Man. And no one else was smart enough to come up with Clint or John - kudos to you for taking us back old school.

  2. Great choices, Cathy! I grew up on John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies. :-)

  3. Fun post. There are only a couple I'm not familiar with. Great to look back at the heroes.

  4. The Bumbles--LOTR has so many characters to choose from that I guess it shouldn't be any surprise that everyone has a different Tolkien hero. As far as the Old School goes, there's no way I could've left Clint or John out of a list like this!

    Wendy--So did I. They were the first actors I thought of before Harrison Ford.

    Margot--I had fun compiling this list and thinking of some favorite movie memories.

  5. Loved your answers, Cathy. Die Hard was the 1st to pop into my head -- ok, Bruce Willis was. Ha-ha!

  6. For some strange reason, I've never gone for Bruce Willis as a hero. I'm not sure why. I do like the fact that he's a smart ass!


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