Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

Some of you may wonder why I don't participate in things like readathons or this weekend's "bloggiesta". The answer is simple. A "normal" work week for most people is Monday through Friday. I always knew I wasn't normal, and my work schedule proves it. I work Friday through Monday--right when all of these fun events are scheduled. Oh well. Just gives me a bit more time to find links for y'all! Speaking of which, here's a selection of links I ran into (ouch) this past week:

Bookish News
Conversations 'round the Book Blogger Cooler
Social Media, Techie Stuff & Blogging Tips
  • Check out Scribnia, a rating and discovery engine for bloggers and columnists.
  • Have you heard about BookBlips?
  • If you're a Firefox user like I am, did you know that there's a Firefox add-on called Link Evaluator which checks broken links for you?
  • iCopyright has announced a content tracking tool called Discovery. Although only available for publishers right now, it will soon be available to creators (like bloggers).
  • The Book Seer is a program that has you type in the title of the book you just read in order for it to suggest a new book to try.
Blogs I've Discovered

Th-th-that's all, folks! Check back next Sunday when I'll have a new batch of links for you!


  1. As usual, a great list of links, which I will enjoy NOW!

  2. Thank you for linking to me twice!!

    I loving reading the list of books Oprah picked. I am so tempted to order a few...maybe later!

  3. The only one of Oprah's picks that I've read was The Grift...which I didn't care for. My review.

    Still checking out all the links! Cool!

  4. Nice links. I really should do the BIP task. One of these days soon. I'll check out Oprah later. I hate that you have to reload the page 11 times. Why not just give us a simple list.

  5. I like the Book Seer...and other links you gave us to check out.

  6. Louise--You sound so determined that I hope no one got in your way! LOL

    Jackie--You have a knack for choosing interesting topics!

    Jenclair--I've read very mixed reviews of The Grift. The positive reviews were written by people I didn't know. The negatives were written by people I know and trust. (I have yet to read the book!)

    Beth--I agree. Whoever does the work on her website should be taken out and nibbled to death by ducks!

    Wisteria--You're welcome!

  7. Best link list ever! Seriously - I went and commented on many of these posts and learned a lot. So thanks :)

  8. what a great list--can't wait to check them all out! Thanks for the work.

  9. Cathy...I'm now friends with you on LT
    thanks for the invite.

  10. What a nice service you are providing here! One stop shopping. I love links to a variety of things.

  11. Lenore--You're very welcome, and you know that you've just incited me to keep on doing this! LOL

    Tina--You're welcome!

    Wisteria--You're welcome. I've already been over there nosing through your books! :)

    Bumbles--I'm glad you enjoyed the fruits of my surfing. It can be a very fun list to compile. Thanks for stopping by!


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