Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Ti of Book Chatter and other stuff

This week it's time to head to California to visit Ti of Book Chatter and other stuff. Ti is a technical writer and a very busy mother of two. When she began her blog in February of 2008, she thought it was to be strictly books until friends urged her to include personal stories. You see...Ti is one of those folks that things just seem to happen to. (I know all about that because I tend to be one of those folks, too!)

Ti's blog is a good blend of the literary and the personal. If you haven't visited Book Chatter, please do so and you'll see why it's one of the blogs in my reader.

Time for The Reveal! Is Ti going to be a blogger in the middle of Grand Central Station...or tucked away in a quiet little corner?

A bit of both! (Click on the photos to view them full size.)

This is my office at work-- my windowless office. I joke about being in a dungeon, but it's true! I never know if it is raining or sunny outside. I do a lot of updating at work since I get there so early each morning.

This second photo shows a corner of my living room. I seem to write most of my reviews here. My kids don't like to hang out here too much, and although you can't see it from this picture, it faces three bay windows that overlook my front yard. I like to look out of those windows as I write.

My blog has been up for a little over a year now, and it has been a fun experience. The books and the people make it totally worthwhile!

Ti is the first featured blogger who's admitted to blogging at work, but as she says, she gets there super early in the morning, so why not? One semester in college, I had all my morning classes scheduled in the basement of the same building, starting at 7 AM. I never knew what was going on in the outside world because-- like Ti's office-- there were no windows! I don't like being cut off from the outside world, so I can certainly see why she loves to blog by those bay windows in her living room! I also agree with Ti's closing sentiment: the books and the people make blogging totally worthwhile.

Thanks, Ti, for allowing all of us this glimpse into your creative world. We certainly do appreciate it!

Come back next Wednesday when another book blogger will be featured here on Kittling: Books. If you'd like to be featured on Scene of the Blog and I haven't contacted you yet, feel free to contact me. Don't be shy! Just keep in mind that it may be several weeks before your feature is scheduled. Scene of the Blog has become rather popular, which tickles me to death because it's so much fun to do!


  1. You've got some great blogging spots, Ti! I admit to doing some blogging at work, but I'm (usually) on break! And Ti, I like that MacBook Pro I see in the picture, that's what I'm usually blogging on, too! :-)

    Cathy, thanks for another great Scene of the Blog!! :-)

  2. I love the huge desk Ti has at work. I was interested to see that she has an Apple laptop. I use a PC desktop and an Apple laptop.

  3. Lovely spaces! I would love to blog on that comfortable-looking couch! Imagine a fire in the fireplace in the winter. Ahhhhh.

  4. Since I am a technical writer, I use both PC and Mac platforms but I prefer Mac!

    I love that fireplace but in Calif, it's hardly ever cold enough to use it. We use it about 3 times a year!

    Thanks for featuring me this week Cathy!

  5. Looks very comfortable :)
    I really do have to find a better chair for myself, mmm that sofa nice

  6. What a nice big desk - I love those L-shaped desks...comfy looking couch too. Thanks for sharing your space with us!!

  7. What a lovely, clean desk, Ti! The sofa in the living room looks so comfy - it would be lovely to sit there to write reviews.

    And Cathy, I wanted to let you know that I, uh, tagged Dennis :)

  8. Very nice spaces! Too bad your office doesn't have a window, but that might distract you from blogging! :--)

  9. I can't stand clutter so each Friday I clean my desk off. Hence the clean desk.

    A window would be a little distracting, but it wouldn't keep me from blogging. That I know!

  10. Of the three jobs I had prior to becoming a stay at home mom, two were in basements (at a library and a publishing company) and the third was in a cubicle where the only outside light you could see was through a sky-light. So I totally understand how it feels to work in a dungeon-like place without light. :)

    Your living room looks lovely! I would love all of that light from the windows!

  11. I love the big desk too! Too bad about the lack of windows because that office looks great. And very neat...

  12. I LOVE your desk! My blogging spot at home is in a cave. It's our office...complete with faux wood paneling. There is a pretty big window, but we have file cabinets up against it so only part of the light shines through. So, usually, I blog from my chair, the couch, bed or (GASP) at work.

    I LOVE my desk at home. It's huge and heavy, a antique lawyer-style desk. Tons of drawers. Unfortunately, I don't utilize the drawers nearly enough so my desk is always overflowing with stuff. One of these days I'm going to get around to taking my "Scene of the Blog" pictures!

  13. My work desk IS large but I tend to stuff a lot under it. Like my yoga mat, sleeping bag, etc. You just never know when you will feel like napping or doing the downward dog post.

    Honestly though, with two desktop machines and a laptop I have to have the extra workspace.

  14. Melissa--You're welcome! :)

    Ti--The pleasure is all mine! :)

    Belle--Too bad we couldn't have caught him a few days ago! :(

  15. OH MY! Heaven! Another desk to swoon over! LOL

    Great post,


  16. Your set up is much like mine- big work desk, usually fairly clear and then on the couch (chair) at home with a laptop. We also have a fireplace but we use it a lot more, when we don't have a toddler.

  17. It's neat to see both places where you blog Ti! Your living room looks very cozy and relaxing!! I blog in my living room as well but my couches aren't as nice, we are in desperate need of new ones!

  18. I love both blogging spaces, and when I actually have time to participate in this, I will send along some photos of my two blogging office and my home.

    I love how clean her desk at work is...mine is a far cry from that.

  19. I'm another who has two spaces, one a desk and the other more of a place to read. It's always fun to see how the other half blogs!

  20. It is probably for the best that I didn't know about blogging when I had a "real" job. It would have been a bad situation all around! I don't know how I would have resisted it during those horribly boring days!

    And I am always amazed at how people can type on laptops on sofas! I just can't do it!

    And I agree -- the interaction and people have made blogging so rewarding and fun.

  21. I love scene of the blog. I will make it a point to stop by weekly (if not more) to see who and what is happening! :)

    Blog on my friend!

  22. Serena--I look forward to those photos!

    Jenners--do you have a lap desk? It makes all the difference for me!

    Sheila--There's always plenty of room for more people who like to (as Jenners puts it) satisfy their Inner Peeping Toms. :)

  23. Great pics! I wish my work desk was that neat! I'll admit that I blog at work, too, but on my lunch break. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric


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