Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Desk of Mr. Kittling...for Belle

Belle of Ms. Bookish and I were recently tagged for Sassy Brit's What's on My Desk Wednesday. Last week Belle and I were tweeting about the messy states of certain desks which led to her tagging my husband for this meme. He's not a blogger, so this is why the photo is showing up on my blog.

Unfortunately Denis has cleaned off his desk so it doesn't look "normal" at all. You can click on the photo to view it full size. The books on the right side of the top shelf represent his TBR stack. (He's currently reading Craig Johnson's latest Walt Longmire mystery, The Dark Horse.) You can also see signs of a couple of his other interests: the Phoenix Suns (sign needlepointed by yours truly) and old airplanes.

Don't be surprised if, sometime in the future, his desk appears again--in its more natural state. Or maybe not...I have to weigh the pros and cons of payback!


  1. Thanks for sharing Denis's desk! Would love to see it in its natural state.

  2. Looks like Mr. Kittling has a cosy corner there :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Drat! I should have tagged him earlier. Mind you, I cleaned my desk yesterday, too. But his still looks a little bit neater than mine!

  4. Beth--Depending upon how brave I am, you might get to see that sometime in the future!

    Louise--You're welcome!

    Kathy--You just made me snort green tea up my nose! LOL

    Belle--I'll lay in wait and see if I can't get a photo that's much more representative of what it looks like!

  5. Hey thanks for sharing! Do you think he'd mind if I add this pic to my other What's on Your Desk Wednesday? pics? I love it!

    Eagerly awaiting your response.


  6. I'd love to see this desk in its natural probably resembles mine at home!

  7. I'd like you to play spy and get a "natural" state photo! : )

  8. Sassy--go right ahead! :)

    Serena--not having seen yours, I wouldn't dream of venturing a guess!

    Jenners--I'm working on it, but he's being stubborn. Only tiny piles so far!


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