Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Time for...Friday Feud!

Another week has come and gone, and once again it's time for Friday Feud here at Kittling: Books. The rules are few and simple:
  1. Do not duplicate answers.
  2. Leave all your answers in the comments section of this post.
That's enough of that. Let's play The Feud! This week's question:

Name a food that always tastes best in the summer.


  1. Blodeuedd took my answer - so I will say
    cointreau on ice - yum!!! Great appetizer as the sun goes down....

  2. Strawberries should be with cream but some of us have to have them with low fat yoghurt.

  3. I would think that watermelon would be the top answer. It was the first thing I thought about.

    Peaches. Nothing like it being hot and having nice and refreshing peach juice dribbling n your chi.

  4. My first thought was watermelon, too, but since that's taken, I'll say tomatoes.

  5. My first two answers were strawberries and corn on the cob, but I see I'm too late for those.

    Hamburgers, cooked on the grill in the back yard.

  6. I first thought of corn on the cob...but my second choice would be a big juicy bratwurst preferrably cooked over an open fire, but I will also settle for the grill.

  7. Koldskål!

    - well, watermelon and ice cream had gone, so what can a poor Dane do?
    You whip egg and sugar thoroughly and add buttermilk.

  8. I know somebody said would it be cheating if I said strawberry desserts? I'm talking strawberry cake, strawberry shortcake, fruit pizza with strawberry. Yummm! I live for summer so I can make those.

    If that is cheating and I have to come up with something else.... lemonade.

  9. So strawberries is taken so I'll go with what I'm really in it for ... Cool Whip!

  10. An ice cold bucket of fresh prawns (what you would call shrimp in the US i think) with a tangy sauce for dipping and a cold glass of beer, Heaven. Only 6 months to go :)

  11. Home grown tomatoes. I call those REAL tomatoes.

  12. Margot--store bought tomatoes are really plastic fake ones. The only real tomatoes come straight in your kitchen from the garden!

    As for me...I'm thinking of all the stuff in the garden I had to keep weeded and watered...and that haven't been mentioned yet. How's about a big pot of garden fresh green beans, green onions, and baby potatoes simmered with some ham? I'm hungry!


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