Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Feathers-- Barn Swallows

Friday's Feathers is a weekly meme over at my Aussie friend's blog, Archie's Archive - The Curmudgeon's Magazine. Back when I had multiple blogs, I participated all the time because usually I can just sit here at the computer and take photos of the birds that show up outside my window. When I began concentrating on my book blog and closing down the others, I stopped. I had to make an exception this week.

When Denis and I travel down to Bisbee, we normally stop at Benson for lunch. This latest trip was no exception. When Denis parked the Jeep outside Wendy's, I made the remark that the barn swallows were still in residence, and while he went inside to get our food, I sat where I was and watched the birds.

There's something about the flight of swallows that mesmerizes me. Without doubt, they have to be some of the most graceful birds in flight. Last year, I stood in a May snowstorm in the White Mountains on the shore of Black Canyon Lake and watched the swallows' ballet above the pewter-colored water until I was almost too frozen to move.

In Benson, the watching was much easier. I watched their looping, swooping flight over the parking lot, and I noticed that they kept going back to the Ace Hardware across the way. Some ducked into the bottom tier of red roof tiles, and I knew they had to have nests there. Still others flew up into a covered walkway. That Ace Hardware is a busy place, and people were constantly walking right underneath the swallows, but it didn't bother the birds one bit.

I decided that, once lunch was eaten, I was going over that way to check things out.

Since it was raining a bit, Denis drove us over there and parked. As I got out of the Jeep, camera in hand, I could hear the adult birds...and quite a bit of cheeping. It certainly did seem that Ace Hardware was home to a thriving barn swallow colony.

As soon as I walked under the covered walkway and got out of the rain, all the cheeping stopped. I got myself into position, aimed my camera, and took a look through the viewfinder. I was being watched. I was being watched very intently.

And they weren't very happy to see me. I took a few photos, and while I did, they remained silent and grumpy. My attention was then drawn elsewhere-- just the way it was supposed to be. One of the adult swallows was perched on a sign and wanted me to stop paying attention to its young and to pay attention to it instead.

I can be very obliging when I want to be!

As always, click on the photos if you'd like to see them full size. I hope you enjoyed your visit at Benson's Ace Hardware as much as I did. Who knows? There may be more feathered posts in the future!


  1. Oh my gosh, those grumpy babies are beautiful! (I should have saved my bird pictures for today!)

  2. I love swallows, too. Every year, I don't feel like spring has arrived until they return from wherever it is they go every winter. Love the way they swoop and billow around. But I don't think I've ever seen one of them at rest before. What a great shot!

  3. That picture just cracks me up! They look so grumpy. Its too cute.
    Natalie :0)

  4. #1 Thanks for complimenting me on my Friday Fill In. That was my creativity for the week.
    And I love those little birdie pictures! Thanks for sharing.. and I participated in the poll as well. So funny I saw someone put Not Enough GRAPHICS. Oye vey.
    Well at least you have nice bird pictures, that should keep them happy for a second.

  5. I love that photo of the babes. What a great capture!

  6. I love the barn swallows too. They are so graceful and fun to watch. You captured some great moments.

  7. Kathy--You should've seen the grin on my face when I first saw those grumpy babies!

    Joy--Thanks! Now that you mention it, I think that's the first time I'd ever seen one at rest, too.

    Natalie--Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. :o)

    Marie--You're welcome. Thanks for participating in the poll!

    Beth--Thanks! I couldn't believe that it was that easy!

    Margot--I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!


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