Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Heather of Book Addiction

This week we head out to the north side of Chicago to visit Heather of Book Addiction. You can learn a lot about Heather through her blog: she likes spending time with her husband and three cats, she loves going out to eat, her brother recently graduated from boot camp, and she likes participating in reading challenges. But the one thing that impresses me the most about Heather's blog is that many of her book reviews are "something completely different." Lately I've been getting restless when going through the posts on my Google Reader. It seems as if the same dozen books are getting reviewed endlessly, and I have to admit that I'm contrary enough to have this overkill turn me completely away from ever wanting to read those particular books! So...when I want something good (and different) to read, I know to head on over to Book Addiction. Heather, I am appreciate the variety of books you review!

Enough of my editorial comments. You're all here to see where Heather blogs, and you've probably skipped my opening comments anyway and headed right to the photos! Please remember: you can click on the photos to view them full size.

My workspace is a small desk in our "office" room. I try to keep minimal stuff on the desk because it doesn't have a lot of room. Usually just random bookmarks, odds and ends, stuff like that, and I always have a picture of my niece on my desk. (Right now I have three!)

To the left of my desk is one of my two bookcases (the other one is in my bedroom). It's not very organized because it's sort of overflowing right now, but I love having my books right near me when I am blogging or whatever else. It's so comforting.

Heather, Ready for That Next Blog Post!

As we've seen in previous weeks, Heather's space isn't all that large, but she makes very good use of what she has. There's a lot to be said for having everything right at hand--including photos of loved ones. She's not the only one who finds the presence of books comforting. I do, too. Gazing at a shelf or a stack of books can also be inspiring, especially if you're a book blogger!

Thank you so much for letting us into your home to take a look at your creative space, Heather. We really appreciate it!

Where will Scene of the Blog take us next Wednesday? We'll be visiting Lana of A Hoyden's Look at Literature. See you then!


  1. Having books nearby is an essential while blogging! Otherwise, I at least would always be getting up to find them. Great space, Heather! =)

  2. I really like the flower keyboard. I think it's a great idea to lighten one's day. Also, the bookshelf right next to the computer is something I will have to do next time I arrange my computer space.

  3. Looks like a great place for blogging. And what's a house without overflowing bookcases?

  4. Heather is so cute - I love that she has her books right be her computer because that's exactly where I keep mine.

  5. I love her bookcase...right beside her desk! I have to get up and walk to mine (sigh!)

    There is an award waiting for you on my blog

  6. What a great space. I like the bookcase too but I also love the nearby pictures. I need those too.

  7. Great idea to have a bookshelf right next to the blogging area. And the flower keyboard is wonderful!

  8. Aww, thanks so much Cathy! I truly appreciate your kind words about my blog - I do try to review a wide variety of books and apparently that shows. :)

    Lilly - the flower thing is actually one of those things you rest your wrists on while typing, and I think I got it at office max or something. I love it! Comfortable and cute!

    And to those who commented on my bookcase - that's only HALF of my books. My TBR bookcase is in my bedroom, also overflowing. :)

  9. Nice space, and what a comfy chair! I so need one of those

  10. Another great entry in the series! And I love reading your intros by the way!

    And I'll bet that desk is from Ikea. It looks oddly familiar to me!!!

  11. Missy--Thank you so much!

    Heather--The variety certainly does show!

    Jenners--If you're familiar with Ikea desks, mine should be recognizable if I ever show my own space!

  12. AS usual - I love Scene of the blog and the opening comments! haha!

    This space is tiny - but looks so nice anyway. Love how Heather has a bookcase - with books in it! so close. I personally have 4 nephews and no nieces - so the opposite of Heather - but love how the pictures are on her desk. I keep mine on the fridge - there's just too many to keep on a desk! haha!

  13. She has my bookcase lol. Great space!

  14. I think it looks cozy! And I'm glad to have a face to associate with the name. :)

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