Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My Grandmother and Mother, Dressed Up for a Village Celebration

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  1. What an awesome photo! Gosh, it's nice to have pictures like that to go back to I bet.

  2. I'm glad you all liked the photo. Those two women were geneaologists. I have tons of old photos going all the way back to daguerotypes. They're fun to go through, tracing family noses and the like...and for memories.

  3. I just love old pictures of my mom.
    Maybe I'll have to post a couple. I like your idea. I'm really a bug about history.

  4. Great photo!

    I notice you have links to digg at the bottom of your posts. Have you found it to be useful at all? I signed up to digg earlier this week, and am wondering if it is worth continuing with it. If you have a moment, please could you comment on my post:
    Thank you!

  5. Wisteria--history is important to me, too!

    "Farm Lane"--I've left a comment on your blog about digg. :)

  6. Thank you! It's interesting to know they are just in your template - I thought you would be an expert on it all!

  7. I loooooove old photos. I enjoy imagining how life was different then. Much more uncomfortable (who could wear a long dress every day, even in summer??), and much more relaxed (no email to answer, tv shows to DVR and watch, no "must have" shopping items). By the way, your grandmother looks just like Eliza Jane Wilder, the schoolteacher on Little House on the Prairie. :)

  8. Jackie--If I were an expert on it all, I'd certainly quit my day job! LOL

    Pup--I think my grandmother would've been pleased with the comparison. :)


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