Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Luanne of A Bookworm's World

This week we're headed to Canada to visit with Luanne of A Bookworm's World. The sentences she uses to describe herself in "About Me" tell me Luanne is my kind of bookaholic:

I feel a distinct sense of panic if I don't have a book with me at all times. Or if the stack on the floor starts to get too low.

When I discovered her blog, I also discovered that we share some reading DNA, so I'm always checking out her book reviews. She also has lots of giveaways which I haven't joined because I have a book stash problem that won't quit. She certainly knows how to tempt a person, though!

Today is Luanne's first blogiversary, so please make sure to congratulate her on her excellent blog! It's time for me to cut to the chase so you can all take a look at Luanne's blogging space. I've been drooling over the photos since she sent them to me, and I'm sure you will, too! (Click on the photos to view them full size.)

I was a bookstore manager for many years and finally got burned out by retail, so I switched hats and went into public service instead. I now work for a public library system and love my little branch. My blog was born out of the question " Can you tell me the name of a good book?". I really enjoy doing reader's advisory - matching someone up with an author I think they'll enjoy or exposing them to something completely different. Someone said why don't you write them down somehwere and tada A Bookworm's World was born. It will be a year on March 18th! What an amazing community the book blogging world is! My only issue with being immersed in books day and night is that I see way too many titles I want to read. Add to that all the blogs I follow and well....I will never run out of things to read.

My book piles began to take over the house a couple of years ago. Piles under and on every possible surface. So my DH suggested making what was an old front parlour (we live in a farmhouse) into a library. Ummm- YES! So one whole wall is bookshelves. As the ceilings are 10 ft, there is an extra shelf and library lighting on top (love it at night!) If I'm home in the day, I like to lay on the couch and read, as there is great lighting from a big picture window. I made the quilt on the couch and the stained glass hanging in the window - both hobbies that I try to balance with my love of reading. Yes that is a garden gnome hiding behind the couch! ( And looking at the picture - I realize I really need to get some pictures hung up!)

The chairs are another place to camp out. The books on the bookstool are my TBR pile and the pile on the floor spines out are books I have signed out from the library. Although there is a computer desk in another room in the house, it`s a bit more utilitarian (and not worth a picture) and I much prefer to work out of the library. It`s just a cozier place.
See? I told you that you'd drool when you saw these photos! Luanne has such a cozy, comfortable place to read and blog--it's great! Thanks so much for allowing us into your home. It was a treat!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Scene of the Blog. Check back next week when Beth of Beth Fish Reads will show us her blogging space. And...if you'd like to participate, just leave me a comment on this post or use the Contact Me form in my header. Spread the word!


  1. OMG! That's so many books! I'm overwhelmed. My little bookshelf dwarfs in comparison.

  2. What a gorgeous room! I love that you made the stained glass. That's a craft I'd like to get into. And obviously I love the wall of books. =)

  3. That's awesome. I'm drooling over the huge room and enough space to put all those books in.

  4. Lovely space!!! I'd love to spend my day reading, blogging, and lounging there!

  5. Luanne's space is fabulous! Her library is to die for. I love it!

  6. Oh, I am drooling over all those book shelves. Can we all come for a visit?? Please? I'll bring cookies, I promise. You must have the best hubby ever!

  7. I think I'm speechless (which is unusual for me - LOL). Beautiful beautiful shelves and room. Looks so inviting and comfortable. Would love to just spend hours there looking through her books.

    I just love Scene of the Blog - what a fantastic idea!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. I came to tell you I have an award for you, and was distracted as usual by your wonderful scene of the blog.
    I love those book shelves!

  9. Wow wow wow! I love the wall of bookcases! That's what I need!

  10. Wow! I'd love to have that set up. Those definitely are drool-worthy photos!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. wow, i am in love with that room. I need one of those in a serious way

  12. What a fantastic blogging space! I also want to come over for a visit and check out all those books! Thanks for sharing, Luanne.

  13. Wow, I can't tell you how jealous I am!! My books are stacked almost 3 deep on two bookshelves in separate rooms - what I would do with an entire room devoted to books!!
    Thanks for sharing, Luanne!
    And, Cathy, I'm loving the Scene of the Blog feature. :)

  14. Cathy thank you for such a great feature and letting me part of it!

    ANovelMenagerie - it's a little less overwhelming now that they're all in one place. And no more bookshelves allowed apparently , so every once in a while, I have to cull the herd.

    Meghan - thank you! I'm a bit of an artsy crafsty type and really enjoy trying new things. That was my first piece.

    Chris - thank you!

    Lilly - thank you! I'm lucky that there was this little room - it was a bit of a playroom when the kids were smaller. I like this use better ;)

    Beth F - I wish I could spend days doing nothing but lounging and reading too!

    Kathy - Thank you!!DH is going to love reading these comments!

    Kaye - cookies? You're on! I think he just got sick of books being everywhere...

    Kara - It's so nice to hear what others think and that you find it just as inviting!

    Dorte - thanks ( Ikea rocks!)

    Alea - thanks! I had a lot of fun in the beginnig deciding how to organize them all.

    Ann - thanks, I'm going to show my husband this post later. He'll be pleased to know that his efforts are admired!

    Erika Lynn - thank you! It is nice to have a space that is 'all mine' Greedy or what eh?

    Avisannschild - sure come on over!

    Heatherlo - It is lovely to have them all in one place at last.

  15. Luanne: Can I move in with you? I won't need much room...just a chair and the ability to read all those books! That is my entire wall or 4 filled with bookshelves!

  16. WOW, I'm so impressed with your book collection, Luanne!! Mine is teensy compared to that, and I was just feeling pretty good about the bookshelves I recently got and subsequently filled up :-)

  17. That is a beautiful room and love the bookshelves. Okay Luanne me and Avis are on our way to visit you. We should be there in a few days LOL. Lovely pictures and congrats on your 1 year blog.

  18. Thanks for the invite, Luanne! I live in Canada too, but I suspect we are not neighbours... (No farmhouses nearby!)

  19. I love your blogging space! So many books, it's wonderful. I don't think I'd ever leave the house if I came over for a visit. :P

    ~ Popin

  20. Ah yeh, I am completely drooling over those bookshelves Luanne. What I wouldn't give to have those.

  21. Now my computer keyboard is all wet from the drool! I must say ... I am very very very envious! My husband's response to too many books was "get rid of them."

  22. Kara--I'm glad you like this feature. It's so much fun to do!

    Dorte--Thank you so much for the award! As you can see, I've already posted about it, and I even followed the rules!

    Thanks, Heather. I'm so glad you're enjoying this feature!

    The pleasure is all mine, Luanne. What a perfect space you have!

    Jenners--In a way, I'm glad I married late. When Denis moved in, the books were a done deal!

  23. I just love this feature! Luanne, you are one lucky lady to have your husband help set up that beautiful library. It looks like an oasis, such a comfy place to read and unwind. Your bookshelves are just amazing!!!Thanks for sharing it with us.

  24. Serena - Sure - the company would be great!

    Melissa - Thank you! It's the product of quite a few years!

    Cindy - Thanks! Knock loud when you get here - and the dog is friendly.

    Dar - see if Avis and Cindy have room in the car!

    Jenners - that suggestion was brought up - I didn't even bother dignifying it with a response.

    Popinfresh - There's day ( especially in the winter) when I don't leave the room all day!

  25. Wow! I'm so jealous! I'm sure I could fill that many bookcases if only my husband would let me. LOL! He's a librarian and says he doesn't want to feel like he's at work 24/7. :)

  26. Good heavens, Alyce, I was a librarian and being among books just makes me feel like I'm home!

  27. LuAnne's great wall of books is fantastic. I need one, too!

  28. Wow! Beautiful! I just finished my home library and am going to check back here often for inspiration about how to make my book shelves look as tempting as these!

  29. I love it! Sounds like I'm doing the same thing..turning an unused room into a library! I'm just green with envy that she already has her bookshelves! What a great place to blog about books.


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