Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moi? The Bookworm Award? Awwwww!

Patti, over at Patti's Pen & Picks, has blessed me with the Bookworm Award. Of all the awards I've been given in my lifetime, I think this one is undoubtedly the most fitting! Of course there is a "secret handshake" with this honor. I'm supposed to open the closest book at hand to page 56, write out the fifth sentence as well as two to five more, and pass this award on to five others.

One thing I have to say is that I'm glad Patti didn't give this to me on Sunday. I was getting together my Monday's Mailbox post and had a stack of 18 books sitting right here on the desk. I would've had the dickens of a time deciding which book to crack open! As it is, I didn't get this honor until today, and there's only one book sitting here on my desk: the most recent arrival from Paperback Swap, Kage Baker's Skye Coyote, the second in her "The Company" science fiction series. Let me take a look at page 56....

Will no merciful God look down to stop the pitiless and eternally unfolding pageant of the years? Who among you but has fled weeping as barbarians despoiled Troy, or as fire and brimstone rained down upon Nineveh and Tyre? Who among you but has learned the bitter lesson that All Good Things Must Come to an End?

"As God is my witness. Even under a microscope, you can't tell, unless you know where to look for the manufacturer's mark. Plant one on a mortal subject, and you can hear every word that's uttered in a thirty-foot radius around him."

There you go! Since I still have some ARCs to read, heaven only knows when I'll get to Sky Coyote, but this bookworm's interest has been piqued by that peek! I am supposed to pass this award on to five more book bloggers, but since several I know have already been given it, I think I'll just let it rest here.

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