Tuesday, May 14, 2024

A Few Highlights from Daisy & Suzanne's Visit

I thought I'd share a few more highlights from Daisy and Suzanne's visit with you before I move on to recent trips to the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo. 
If I haven't spelled it out before, Suzanne is Daisy's mother, which makes them both our nieces. I'm too lazy to use the term "grand-niece"-- and besides, using the rather genealogical term of "grand" anywhere close to childless-by-choice me just does not compute. They are both from England; Suzanne works in a local school, and Daisy is an EMT. Being an only child and an only grandchild, I've been used to a rather solitary existence my whole life. I like my own company, and I've only ever had a very few close friends at any one time. Suzanne, Daisy, and Suzanne's sister, Karen, just wrapped me up in a big hug and made me a part of their family when Denis and I married. How wonderful is that?
Now that I'm rather misty-eyed, I think I'll move on to those photos...
There was plenty of chattering.

The four of us went to Target. This is the view Daisy & Suzanne had of us speed demons on the way there...

Every day was Pool Day.

A house guest who does windows? How lucky can you get!

They both learned how to put fringe on knitted scarves. (They took five scarves home with them-- and FOUR afghans. Super Packers!)

Daisy found out she could apply for a ride-along with the Phoenix Fire Department. With her background as an EMT in the UK, she easily passed the background check and spent the day with the folks at this particular station-- the one that saved my house from burning down several years ago.

Daisy on the truck.

Daisy and the crew. After spending the entire day with them, they gave her a ride home on the firetruck. It made quite the impression!

Lots of tears and hugs when they left. I still wonder how they managed to get all their stuff in those suitcases!

Daisy back at work.


I miss them.


  1. Great photos. Obviously, a good time was had by all. And who knew about all these things to do and places to go? And a bonus of clean windows and they got to go home with afghans and scarves and got a lesson in fringe-making. How fun.

  2. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit, Cathy! And I love that they embraced you as family right away. That's a very special feeling. It's good to hear everything went well, and I"m glad you decided to share a little of your family with us.

    1. It's good to be able to share the good as well as the bad.

  3. Daisy and Suzanne sound like wonderful guests. It's great that they got to visit and make some fond memories.

  4. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories! Now I have to see if my FD allows ride-alongs; though I should actually follow through on my intent to do one with the PD, too.

    1. Being the crime fiction buffs that we are, I think I'd concentrate on the PD ride-along.

      Daisy was gobsmacked at the difference in people's attitudes towards EMTs. In the UK, they're called derogatory names and spat upon. Here in the US, they're heroes.

    2. Oh, wow - I hadn't seen anything about that for EMTs in the UK. Silly me for expecting them to be appreciated...

    3. I just "assumed" (and we know how dangerous that is) that EMTs were treated the same pretty much the world over. Live and learn!


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