Thursday, March 14, 2024

The Best Laid Plans Weekly Link Round-Up


How do you manage to move a bunch of bulky, awkward, heavy objects and not have your husband (the middle part of whose spine is pinned and screwed together and encased in a metal cage) not try to take over?

Wait until he's gone to a doctor's appointment. Hehehe...

In this case, my best laid plans did not blow up in my face. While he was gone-- and while seated on my scooter-- I picked up and/or moved a trundle bed frame, a large chair, three bookcases, and four twin mattresses. And that's only a partial list, folks.  When Denis came home, he walked right past two of the mattresses, and didn't see a blessed thing I'd done. Men...

I've also done more needed chores in preparation for our visitors at the end of the month, so it's no wonder that my hands, arms, and upper back think I've gone nuts. 

I said something last week about the marvelous stretch of "Best Reads" that I've had lately, and I'm stunned to report that I've since had another one to add to the list. Moreover, I've fallen under the spell of Stig Abell's Death Under a Little Sky, and it may very well join the rest. How lucky can a person get?!? (I just hope that this doesn't mean I'm due for a run of stinkers...)

Virtual hugs to you all! I'm going to go rest my weary muscles and get back to Abell's book. Enjoy the links!

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►Channeling My Inner Elly May Clampett◄
  • The first-ever white rhino IVF sparks hope that the "doomed species" could still be saved, despite there being no males left.
  • Civilization without horses: the Epizootic of 1872. (Growing up in central Illinois, whenever someone got sick, it was common to hear someone ask, "Got the epizootic?" I didn't know it was a real thing!)
  • Hungry sea otters help prevent erosion on California's coast.
  • Fifty years after Jaws, we've learned a lot about great white sharks.
  • A twelve-year-old vanished in frigid weather. Then Massachusetts police K-9 Biza picked up the child's scent.
  • Bald eagle dad Shadow has been anxiously waiting for his turn to tend to eggs in a snow-covered nest in California.
  • A nocturnal creature with a bushy tail was caught in a trap in Madagascar. It's a new species.
  • Could fish sex be keeping Floridians up at night?
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That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

No matter how busy you may be, don't forget that quality Me Time curled up with a good book!


  1. Oh, wow, Cathy! You're a Wonder Woman getting all of that stuff done! It's always hectic preparing for guests, and I'm glad it's going well. Rest those muscles now, and I'll check in when I've gotten back from Oman - oh, and that shipwreck, too.

    1. I thought you might go to Oman, Margot. ;-)

  2. Yay for you for getting so much done in such a sneaky way. ;D Have a great weekend.

    1. I'm having a nice, lazy weekend with a good book. Hope you're having a good one, too. :-)

  3. More power to that Llano County librarian! May her suit succeed. So many interesting links to explore. You are going to keep me busy for quite a while.

  4. Cathy, you are amazing! Can't even imagine moving things the way you describe, but it sounds like you got it done. OK, I am deciding that I have got to take a swing away from the thrillers or domestic thrillers that include unlikable (or unlikable, irritating to me) protagonists. I'm asking myself why I would read about a character that I wouldn't ever want to know or be a friend with in real life. Think I may do a bit of more cozy reading or something like that. Any suggestions for me? LOL

    1. I have to be really careful about reading those domestic thrillers that have unlikable protagonists and those where you can't trust anyone.

      I have a feeling that any of the books I'd suggest are ones you've already read. Elly Griffiths. Deborah Crombie. Andrew Mayne. I can't remember-- have you read Lessons in Chemistry? That's another good'un. Why is it that whenever someone asks me a question like this, my mind always goes blank? Grrrr! Ariel Lawhon's The Frozen River. The book I'm about to finish is another good'un-- Stieg Abell's Death Under a Little Sky. Hope these titles help!

  5. Cheers for strategic chore timing, and that you're well enough to take that much work on. And I love the to-do list image!

    1. Thanks, Kate. I love it when a plan comes together!

  6. I can't imagine how you accomplished all of that, Cathy. That's really amazing...and it sounds like you survived it without adding too many new aches and pains. Congrats. As for my reading, I'm kind of in one of those "blah" slumps you mentioned, the opposite of the wonderful streak you're on. Seems that everything I read is just kind of mediocre right now, not terrible, but still a chore to return to sometimes. Makes me wonder if a streak is more attributable to my state of mind than it is to the books themselves...just happens too often. Happy Reading!

    1. I've always wondered how much my state of mind affects my reading. I don't think it has much effect on a good book binge, but I think it may play a part in a run of blah books.


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